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HMO management and antisocial behaviour

Code of practice training for owners and managing agents

  • About the code of practice training course

    Our code of practice training course allows owners and managing agents of HMO premises to complete their obligations (link opens in new window) under the Standard Licensing Conditions.

    Who is this course for?

    • Either the owner or the managing agent (if any) of the HMO premises. It does not need to be completed by both. If there is more than one owner of the property, only one needs to complete it.
    • If you’re a company that is an owner or managing agent of the HMO premises, your director or principal should complete it.

    You should only complete the course once within the three-year period. You do not need to complete it for each property you own or manage.

  • How to view the course content

    The training is divided into 19 different sections and should take around one hour to complete. Use the next button at the end of the page to move through each part.

    You don’t have to complete the course in one session. You can pick up where you left off by using the table of contents link in the introduction.

    Accessibility view

    You can turn on accessibility view within the training, which displays a high-contrast style for easier reading, disables any animations and supports keyboard navigation for use with screen readers.

    • If you’re using a mouse or touchscreen, select the More options menu (shown as three dots on the Sway toolbar) and choose Accessibility view.
    • If you’re using a screen reader, on the More options menu, when accessibility view is selected, you will hear the words “displays this Sway in a high contrast design with full keyboard functionality and screen reader access to all content.”


    You can print the section content by selecting the More options menu (shown as three dots on the Sway toolbar) and selecting Print from the menu.

  • Completing the course

    It is important to let us know you have completed the course. You can do this by selecting the verification link in the last section and completing the form.

    We will record your successful completion of the course on your HMO profile.

  • Start the training

    Start the training (link opens in new window)

  • Further help

    Email if you need help completing the training.

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