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HMO management and antisocial behaviour

  • General HMO management

    Under the NI Houses in Multiple Occupation Act, landlords or agents must have good management policies and procedures in place to make sure:

    • physical standards are maintained
    • occupiers' rights are respected, and
    • any problems which arise during the period of the licence are effectively addressed.

    They must also be able to manage issues which may concern neighbours effectively (such as building maintenance, cleaning, noise or disturbance and suitability of the applicant or agent).

    Councils consider a landlord’s potential to manage these issues (or past performance) when deciding whether to grant a licence.

    Councils may include additional conditions appropriate for regulating the management, use and occupation of an HMO. The NIHMO Unit is responsible for making sure these conditions are met throughout the lifetime of the licence. They may recommend the introduction of additional conditions, variation or revocation of licence depending on a landlord’s performance.

  • Code of practice

    The Department for Communities has prepared a code of practice for the management of houses in multiple occupation.

    View the code of practice

  • Code of practice courses for owners and managing agents

    We have developed training for owners and managing agents of HMO premises, which allows you to complete your obligations under the Standard Licensing Conditions.

    Read more about the course

  • Landlords guide to tackling antisocial behaviour

    Responsible HMO landlords want to be good neighbours, take the behaviour of their tenants seriously and work to resolve any alleged antisocial behaviour linked to their properties.

    Councils will provide a supporting role to resolve such issues. The NIHMO Unit has developed a guide highlighting ways to tackle antisocial behaviour linked to their properties. 

    View the guide for tackling antisocial behaviour

    The guide provides preventative measures that landlords can take to:

    • manage antisocial behaviour,
    • highlight how to demonstrate compliance by record keeping and intervention, and
    • develop an antisocial behaviour plan.

    The HMO legislation in Northern Ireland can have a positive impact on the lives of those living in HMOs, the owners of HMOs, and the residents surrounding HMO properties.

  • Reporting antisocial behaviour

    You can report incidents of antisocial behaviour inside an HMO property or within the garden or yard area of an HMO by emailing

    Read more about antisocial behaviour

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