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Corporate plan and improvement plan

  • Corporate Plan 2020-2024

    Our corporate plan sets out our priorities and the work we will do to improve the quality of life for everyone in Belfast.

    Our priorities are closely aligned to those within the Belfast Agenda, the community plan for Belfast, which was developed by the Belfast Community Planning Partnership. It sets out a shared vision and associated outcomes for the city.

    The corporate plan for 2020–2024 focuses on the five key pillars plus several cross-cutting priorities:

    • Growing an inclusive economy
    • City development
    • Working and learning
    • Living here
    • Resilience and sustainability

    The document also includes details of:

    • our organisational priorities
    • our expenditure in 2019 to 2020
    • our core values, which will guide our work and inform our standard of conduct and behaviour

    Read our corporate plan

    Read our 2023 to 2024 delivery plan

  • Improvement Plan 2023-2024

    The Local Government Act (NI) 2014 introduced an ‘improvement duty’ on councils, which requires us to make arrangements to ensure continuous improvement in relation to the services we provide.

    As part of this, we are required to consult residents on our proposed improvement objectives and to publish an annual Improvement Plan.

    Our improvement plan does not include everything we plan to do in the coming year, but instead focuses on a small number of key improvements, that we believe will make the greatest difference to our city and the people who live in Belfast.

    The improvement objectives for 2023 to 2024 are:

    Our services and facilities
    Maintain and where appropriate improve resident satisfaction with the council and the services and facilities that we provide 
    Our communities
    Improve our local areas and enhance how we engage and support residents so everyone can enjoy good quality of life
    Our economy
    Help small businesses, including social enterprises and co-operatives, to develop and grow, and by doing so, help create opportunities for local jobs and employment
    Our environment
    Help tackle climate change by action; protecting our environment and improving the sustainability of Belfast 
    Our city
    Revitalise our city and help it to innovate in an inclusive and sustainable way

    Read our Improvement Plan for 2023-2024

  • Performance assessment of Improvement Plan 2022-2023

    Each year we review our performance by publishing a year-end performance report. The report provides an update on our improvement actions and the progress we’ve made against the key objectives within our improvement plan. It is assessed by the local government auditor.

    You can read our 2022-2023 year-end assessment on the implementation of our Improvement Plan along with figures benchmarking our performance with other councils in Northern Ireland.

    Read our Performance Assessment of 2022-2023 Improvement Plan

  • More information on our corporate plans

    For more information or to ask for electronic copies of our current or previous corporate plans, improvement plans, and year-end performance reports, email

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