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Applying for planning permission

Post-decision process

The making of a decision on a planning application is not the end of the planning application process.

As the applicant you must ensure that you carry out the proposal in accordance with the approved plans. You will also need to make sure that you comply with any conditions specified on the planning permission. Failure to do so may be a breach of planning control.

Discharging planning conditions

Sometimes we impose a planning condition that requires you to submit further details to us for approval before certain works or uses can commence. You should allow at least eight weeks for this information to be assessed following its submission and you should take this into account in your project timeline. More complex information may take longer to process. Failure to comply with these conditions could make your proposal unauthorised and liable to enforcement action.

Monitoring Conditions and Planning Agreements

In the interest of compliance and identifying breaches of planning control, we actively monitor planning agreements made under Section 76 of the Act to ensure they are complied with. We may also monitor certain planning conditions to make sure they are followed.

Other non-planning consents

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure compliance with any relevant non-planning legislation when they implement their permission or consent, such as licensing, roads, drainage, water or other environmental permits.

Works or use of land without permission

We investigate complaints about unauthorised works or use of land carried out in breach of planning control. Find out more information about our planning enforcement service and how to make an enforcement complaint.

Right of appeal

If you as the applicant are dissatisfied with our decision you have the right to lodge an appeal to the Planning Appeals Commission NI (opens in a new window). Planning appeals may be made in respect of the following:

  • refusal of permission or consent, and
  • imposing of a planning condition on the decision.

The right of appeal is limited to the applicant only and appeals must be lodged within four months of the decision. There is no third-party right of appeal in Northern Ireland.


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