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Be Bincredible Belfast

  • Be Bincredible Belfast

    We are now recycling 41 per cent of our waste in Belfast.

    That’s 41 per cent of everyday rubbish no longer going to landfill. Instead, it is being recycled and reused again and again, creating jobs locally, saving important resources and reducing harmful carbon emissions.

    All that sorting, rinsing and crushing, going the extra mile to check whether something can be recycled – it all pays off.

    By recycling, you’re supporting our city to be more sustainable, and if you don’t recycle yet, now’s the time to start.

    Our Be Bincredible Belfast campaign is all about encouraging you to do what you can to recycle more at home.

    We want to:

    • support you to sort items correctly
    • share tips to save space in your bins
    • remind you what can be recycled and which bin to use, and
    • make recycling part of everyday life for everyone.

    Whether it’s creating more space in your household waste bin, passing on things you no longer need to a new home or creating opportunities for businesses and social enterprises to turn old items into new products, recycling works.

  • Where to start

    Watch our video on recycling at home

    The video plays for 31 seconds.

  • Other ways to reuse and recycle

    We run dedicated schemes in Belfast to reduce waste, which deliver social and environmental benefits to our residents.

    Read about:

  • Get involved in Bincredible

    Follow us on Facebook (@belfastcitycouncil), X (Twitter) (@belfastcc) and Instagram (@belfastcitycouncil).

    You can also tag us on social media by using #Bincredible

    The winter edition of our City Matters magazine – distributed to households from November 2023 - will have a recycling guide to keep handy at home.

  • Get in touch

    If you have a question about recycling or aren’t sure about a particular item, email

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