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Reuse IT

  • Donate a tablet or laptop for reuse

    If you have a tablet or laptop you no longer use, you could donate your device to our Reuse IT scheme at Ormeau Recycling Centre. These devices will be refurbished and given to people who need them in the community. 

  • Check your device is suitable

    Before you donate a laptop of tablet, you need to check the device is suitable for reuse. 
    The device must:

    • be less than five years old
    • have an uncracked screen and casing
    • have an intact battery
    • switch on

    Leave the device’s charger if you have it.

  • How to donate your device

    At Ormeau Recycling Centre, we have a shed with a secure locker to collect donated devices.

    To donate a laptop or tablet:

    • Open a drawer and take a padded envelope. Put your device and cable into the envelope.
    • Complete a form if you want to receive confirmation about whether your device has been reused or recycled.
    • Place the envelope and form in the drawer.
    • Lock the drawer, remove the key and drop it into the hole at the top of the lockers.

    To donate more than one device, use a separate drawer and complete a form for each device.

    These instructions are also displayed at Ormeau Recycling Centre. You can ask our staff for help if necessary. Staff on site do not have access to locker keys or donated devices.

    Check opening times at Ormeau Recycling Centre.

  • Reusing and recycling laptops and tablets

    We are working in partnership with Ignite IT. They will do technical checks on donated devices and wipe all personal data from hard drives. If a device is suitable, they can repair or replace parts and install new software. 

    If you donate a device that isn't suitable for reuse, it will be recycled instead. The recycling process will destroy all all personal data.

  • A circular economy

    Reuse IT is an example of a circular economy project. The circular economy model creates a more sustainable pattern of consumption, production and waste. This has obvious environmental benefits and also delivers social and economic benefits at the same time.

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