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Anti-litter campaigns

  • Belfast Litter Pledge

    We are calling on businesses to show their support and commitment to helping us keep the streets of Belfast clean. The Belfast Litter Pledge shows your customers, staff and colleagues that you care about our city and keeping it an attractive place to live, work and visit.

    How litter can affect your business or premises

    As a business, it is your responsibility to keep the land around your premises litter-free. 

    Litter can:

    • project a negative image of your business and may be a deterrent to your customers
    • damage the image of our city which could impact on investment and tourism
    • lead to a legal notice, fine, or prosecution

    Your business can show you care about our city by signing the Belfast Business Litter Pledge. We will provide you with a free litter kit which includes a litter pick, gloves, dustpan and brush, pocket ashtrays, a certificate and window sticker.

    By signing the pledge your business will commit to:

    • maintain a litter-free environment around your premises
    • encourage your staff not to litter and to advise them about the Litter Pledge
    • reduce the amount of waste generated by your business and to dispose of it correctly 
    • report fly tipping to the council

    To sign up to the Belfast Litter Pledge complete our online form or phone 028 9032 0202 ext 5239. 

  • Throw Litter away? Then cough up and pay.

    People are being urged to consider the consequence of littering. When you drop litter, you could be throwing away your money with an £80 on the spot fine if you're caught. 

    We have three Litter Wardens and nine Enforcement Officers operating in Belfast, and in the last year we've fined over 1,800 individuals for littering.

    Our anti-litter ads will be displayed throughout the city on ad shells and buses and there will be radio advertising too. 

  • Have you met our anti-litter gang?

    We have a whole gang of anti-litter buddies. If you see our friendly Litter Pig, Steve the Sweeper or Scoop Dog out and about, having fun spreading the anti-litter message, you can get involved too.

    You may also see our Singing Street Sweepers in the city centre or at events throughout the year. 

    Why not get your photo taken with them and help spread the anti-litter message by sharing the pictures with your friends?

    You can also email us your pictures.

  • Other useful contacts

    • To contact Cleansing Services Customer Contact Centre phone 028 9027 0230.
    • For waste management and recycling enquiries phone visit bins and recycling or call 0800 032 8100.
    • For commercial waste enquiries phone 028 9027 0735.
    • For drug related litter enquiries contact our Community Safety Unit by phone on 028 9027 0469 or email
    • For night time and out of hours contact Belfast City Council Departmental Emergency Phone on 07850 499 622.
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