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Waste storage guidelines

Planning policy and building regulations require all new homes and businesses to have adequate waste storage and access facilities.

To help architects and builders comply with this requirement, local and central government have worked together to produce the Local Government Waste Storage Guide for Northern Ireland. It provides step-by-step guidance to help make sure homes and businesses are properly designed for waste storage and access.

This guide does not replace legislation, but gives practical advice to help: 

  • calculate amount of waste produced for different building types
  • work out how many waste containers will be needed
  • correctly size, site and design waste storage areas, and
  • provide satisfactory access to waste collection points.

Using this guide will help designers meet Part J ‘Solid waste storage in buildings’ of the Building Regulations (NI) 2012. However, you should also contact us to discuss individual projects and building types, as specific details about waste collection services and containers used may differ for particular localities.

These supplementary guidance documents should be used in conjunction with the Local Government Waste Storage Guide for Northern Ireland. They provide additional information, specific to Belfast, for standard housing or apartment developments and for Purpose-Built Managed Student Accommodation (PBMSA) respectively. They do not replace legislation or remove the need for developers to consult with Belfast City Council’s Building Control Service to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations.

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