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Belfast Region City Deal

Investment in infrastructure

  • The Programme of Investment

    For a region to be successful, modern and world class infrastructure needs to be in place. This enables economic growth, builds the connections to markets and opportunities and is a key consideration for inward investors. Investing in infrastructure is also important in delivering balanced economic growth and making sure the job opportunities that we create can be accessed by all communities.

  • Newry Southern Relief Road

    Newry is on the Eastern Seaboard between Belfast and Dublin. It is a major inter-regional gateway including through access to Warrenpoint Harbour, Northern Ireland’s second busiest port.  The city experiences high traffic demand, in particular shoppers and visitors from the Republic of Ireland as well as a significant number of HGVs travelling the Belfast to Dublin route to and from the harbour. This contributes to delays and congestion on the local and strategic road network.

    To improve traffic flow and connectivity, this project proposes development of a high standard relief road to extend from the A1 Belfast to Dublin Road, south of Newry to the A2 Newry to Warrenpoint dual carriageway. The provision of an alternative route for strategic through traffic will improve journey times and journey time reliability for strategic traffic and reduce the conflict between strategic and local traffic movements in Newry city centre, complementing the regeneration ambitions of the city.

  • Belfast Rapid Transit (BRT) Phase II

    The Belfast Rapid Transit Phase 2 (BRT2) project is development of the Belfast Bus Rapid Transit system to north and south Belfast, extending to Antrim, Newtownabbey, Lisburn and Castlereagh and an extension of the existing CITI route to serve Queen’s University and City Hospital.

    The rapid transit network will provide a high-quality passenger experience. Services will run using accessible, comfortable, low-emission bespoke rapid transit vehicles that combine the quality and feel of a tram-like system.

  • Lagan pedestrian and cycle bridge

    This pedestrian and cycle bridge over the river Lagan will connect south and east Belfast to the city centre. The iconic structure will provide an attractive commuter and leisure linkage and offer workers and visitors a quicker route between the city centre and Ormeau Park, one of the largest parks in greater Belfast.  The bridge will improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists and encourage a shift to sustainable transport modes while promoting an active lifestyle, improving the wellbeing of those in the region and enhancing social inclusion.

    The bridge will also help activate the waterfront, driving residents and visitors to this unique asset and further contribute to its continued regeneration (following on from the successful redevelopment of the Lagan Weir). Residents and workers on both sides of the river will be reconnected with the river and the wildlife and open space it offers.  The new route will offer increased opportunities for visitors to explore the city, shrinking the perceived and actual distance between previously disconnected areas.


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