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Belfast Region City Deal

Investment in infrastructure

  • Connecting our region

    For a region to be successful, modern and world class infrastructure needs to be in place. This enables economic growth, builds the connections to markets and opportunities and is a key consideration for inward investors. Investing in infrastructure is also important in delivering balanced economic growth and making sure the job opportunities that we create can be accessed by all communities.

  • Lagan pedestrian and cycle bridge

    The Lagan Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge will connect Belfast city centre with Ormeau Park, providing access to jobs, leisure space, services and opportunities for residents and visitors and contributing to the improved health and wellbeing of communities.

  • Newry Southern Relief Road

    Newry Southern Relief Road will link the A1 bypass with the A2 Warrenpoint dual carriageway providing an alternative strategic route for traffic that reduces pressure on Newry city centre, facilitates onward travel to Dublin and improves access to other regional gateways.

  • Belfast Rapid Transit (BRT) Phase II

    Belfast Rapid Transit Phase 2 – BRCD funding will support enabling investment for the extension of this public transport network which will support improved access to health, education, leisure and job facilities and improve economic return across the region.

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