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Clean streets

Our commitment to clean streets

  • Keeping Belfast city centre clean

    We’re dedicated to maintaining the cleanliness of our city centre streets. Through proactive measures and community involvement, we strive to create an environment where residents and visitors alike can take pride in Belfast. 

  • Cleansing task force: Enhancing cleanliness across the city

    We have established a dedicated cleansing task force to assess and improve cleansing provisions, not only in the city centre, but also in local neighbourhoods.

    Join the Belfast Litter Pledge 

    Businesses play a vital role in our efforts to combat litter. We encourage businesses to join us in taking the Belfast Litter Pledge. By promoting litter-conscious behaviour among staff and customers, together, we can contribute to a cleaner Belfast. 

    Join the pledge

    Promoting an anti-litter message 

    We are actively engaging with residents, workers, and visitors to promote the importance of maintaining a litter-free environment. Our ongoing advertising campaigns, visible across various platforms, aim to instil a sense of pride in preserving Belfast’s cleanliness.

    Addressing graffiti and fly-posting 

    Graffiti and fly-posting pose challenges to the beauty of our city. While the removal of graffiti is the responsibility of property owners, we are committed to taking action on fly-posting.

    Our enforcement measures include: 

    • issuing £80 fines to graffiti and fly-posting offenders
    • holding venue owners and event promoters accountable for fly-posting associated with their events
    • facilitating the removal of contentious graffiti within one working day upon the signing of an indemnity form

    The Planning Service and the Department for Infrastructure (DFI) Roads are also empowered to enforce the removal of fly-posting from various structures and street fixtures. 

    Report a street cleaning issue 

    You can help by reporting a street cleaning issue:

    Complete our online form

    or call 028 9027 0230. 

  • Useful contacts

    • Cleansing Services Customer Contact Centre: call 028 9027 0230 
    • Waste Management and Recycling Enquiries or call 0800 032 8100 
    • Commercial Waste Enquiries: call 028 9027 0735 
    • Drug-Related Litter Enquiries and Community Safety Unit: email or call 028 9027 0469.
    • Emergency Contact (Nighttime and Out of Hours) and Belfast City Council Departmental Emergency Phone: call 07850 499 622
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