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Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), all our community centres are closed.

Community centres

Markets Community Centre

Opening hours

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

9am - 5pm

6pm - 10pm

9am - 5pm

6pm - 10pm

9am - 5pm

6pm - 10pm

9am - 5pm

6pm - 10pm

9am - 4.30pm

6.30pm - 9.30pm


Disability access

Hire prices

Community centre hire charges vary depending on the room you want to book and time of day you want to use it. Community development organisations that meet specific criteria may qualify for free use. Please contact the centre to discuss booking.


We can help organise training on different topics including; setting up and developing community groups, good governance, child protection, play development, and programme development.

Belfast WiFi

Free WiFi is available at this venue.

Classes and activities

  • Classes and activities
    Class or activity Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    Advice office (or by appointment) 10am - 1pm            
    After-school club     2pm - 4.30pm        
    Bingo 7pm - 9pm            
    Charleston dancers       1pm - 2pm      
    Computer class   6pm - 9.30pm          
    English class 7pm - 8pm            
    Gemini yoga   7pm - 8pm   7pm - 8pm      
    Homework club (private group)   2pm - 4pm   2pm - 4pm      
    Indian family group         6pm - 9.30pm    
    Irish dancing 5pm - 7pm            
    Irish orchestra practice       7pm - 9pm      
    Markets Development Association 9am - 5pm and 6pm - 10pm 9am - 5pm and 6pm - 10pm 9am - 5pm and 6pm - 10pm 9am - 5pm and 6pm - 10pm 9am - 4.30pm and 6pm - 9.30pm    
    NTNI stretch and tone (private group) 12.15pm - 1.15pm 12.15pm - 1.15pm     12.15pm - 1.15pm    
    NTNI yoga (private group)     12.30pm - 1.30pm        
    Pangur Ban book club   8pm - 9.30pm          
    Parent and toddler group   10am - 12noon   10am - 12noon      
    Seniors' group 2pm - 4pm            
    Womens' group     7pm - 9.30pm        

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For more information please contact us.

028 9023 5969

Market Street, Belfast, BT1 3JD

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