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Health and wellbeing

  • Mental health and emotional wellbeing

    Take 5

    One of the partnership’s initiatives is the development of the Take 5 guide.

    The guide outlines five key actions everyone can easily do every day to make themselves feel better.

    1. Connect
    2. Be active
    3. Learn
    4. Give to others
    5. Take notice

    You can download a copy of the Take 5 guide from the Public Health Agency's website (opens in new window).

  • Belfast Strategic Partnership

    The Belfast Strategic Partnership (link opens in new window) was established to address the life inequalities that impact on Belfast, developing effective plans and interventions to help all residents.

    They're supported by the Belfast Health Development Unit which is made up of staff from Belfast City Council, the Public Health Agency and the Belfast Health and Social Services Trust.

    These staff will deliver the actions outlined in their key strategic document - the Framework for Action.

    The key themes of the Framework for Action are:

    • mental health and emotional wellbeing
    • alcohol and drugs
    • early years or early interventions
    • lifelong learning
    • regenerating living places and healthy spaces

    There are also some crosscutting themes:

    To request a copy of the Framework for Action please contact the Belfast Health Development Unit by emailing or phone 028 9050 2073.

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