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Information for students

  • Are you a student looking to rent?


    Are you a student looking to rent along with two or more people? Some of the houses you consider could be Houses in Multiple Occupation, often called HMOs.

    An HMO property is the main residence of three or more people, who are from more than two households. It should be rented by at least one of the people living in the accommodation.

    Your landlord must have a licence for the HMO to make sure it:

    • is safe
    • meets all the regulations
    • is good quality
    • has suitable facilities for the number of people living there, and
    • is managed well.

    You can see if a property has a licence on the NIHMO register.

    Check the licence register (link opens in new window)

    If the HMO property is not registered, you can contact the NIHMO unit at for advice.

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