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Information for tenants

  • Tenants’ rights and responsibilities

    If you live in an HMO, you can check if the property you live in is licensed as an HMO and that it complies with the legislation. It should be safe, good quality, and have suitable facilities for the number of people living there. Your landlord should also give you an information pack.

    Check if the property you live in is licensed (link opens in new window). 

    Tenants also have responsibilities to make sure the landlord can carry out their duties. Tenants must: 

    • allow the landlord or manager access, at all reasonable times, to any occupied room
    • provide them with any relevant information
    • comply with fire safety and litter storage and disposal arrangements in the property
    • not hinder the landlord or manager in performing their duties
    • take reasonable care to avoid damaging anything which the landlord is responsible for keeping in good repair. 

    You can report an HMO or landlord to if you believe a property is not licensed or you suspect they may not comply with the legislation.

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