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Garden safety

  • Garden safety advice

    Anyone who has a garden knows that they can provide an ideal place to relax, particularly when the sun shines.

    However it’s important to be aware of some of the hazards that exist in the garden. To reduce the risk of accidents in the garden, especially to young children remember the F-L-O-W-E-R-S safety tips.

    Secure all fences and close garden gates when children are playing outside.

    L-ighting barbecues
    Keep lit barbecues in an open space. Never leave children unsupervised near a barbecue and make sure they are fully extinguished when finished. Take care when disposing of barbecues and coals and make sure they have cooled down before putting them in the bin.

    O-ut of reach
    Keep chemicals and tools out of reach. Store them on a high shelf in a secure garden shed.

    Always make sure that garden ponds are securely covered and children are supervised while playing in a paddling pool. Be aware of items that can fill with rain water such as buckets, plant pots and sand pit lids. As little as 3cm of water can drown a small child.

    E-lectrical equipment
    Lock all equipment such as power tools and lawn mowers in a shed or garage.

    R-emove poisonous plants and berries
    If you have poisonous trees in your garden, fence them off.

    S-oft surfaces
    Ensure all play equipment is placed on a soft surface such as grass or a mat. If you have a trampoline, ensure that it has a safety net and that it is used by only one child at a time. Remember trampolines should not be used by children under six years of age.

    For more information on home safety contact the team on 028 9091 8715.

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