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Completing your application

  • Application pack contents

    To apply for a job with us, you must complete an application form. You can download an application pack for each advertised job, which includes the following documents:

    Document Description
    Job description This tells you the purpose and main tasks of the job.
    Employee specification This tells you about the skills and experience you need to do the job. This can include qualifications, experience or skills which you must have to be able to apply (essential criteria). If you do not have the essential criteria for the job you will not be invited to the next stage of the process. There may also be some additional shortlisting or desirable criteria, which can be applied if a large number of applications are received. This is not applied in all cases, so still apply for a job if you have the essential criteria, but not the shortlisting or desirable criteria.
    Terms and conditions This tells you about the terms of application, including the recruitment process and timeframe. It also contains the main conditions of employment, including the pay, location and other information about the job and benefits of working for the council. It is important to check that you are eligible to apply for the post as some jobs are internal opportunities open only to Belfast City Council employees.
    Application form We use the information you provide in your application form to decide if you meet the essential criteria and, if necessary, the short-listing or desirable criteria for the job. It is therefore important that you use the application form to tell us how you meet the criteria for the job (as detailed in the employee specification).

    Complete the application form in Word format (Arial font size 11), which you can email to us when complete. If you are completing your application form in hand-written format, make sure your writing is legible and use black ink.

    The essential criteria (the qualifications and experience requirements) will be different for each recruitment exercise. Make sure that you complete the application form which has been specifically tailored for the job you are applying for.

    You cannot send CVs or attach additional sheets to your application form. These will not be considered by the recruitment panel. Continuation sheets must not be used. Use the boxes provided. Do not delete or alter the format of the form.

    Make sure all questions are fully answered before returning your application form as we cannot accept any additional or supplementary information after the closing date for receipt of application forms.

  • Top tips

    • Read our application guide before completing your application form and complete all of the sections of the application form that are relevant to you. Make sure you include the specific information requested in each specific box as the short-listing panel will not read-across boxes.
    • Provide as much information as you can in support of the criteria described in the job description and employee specification but make sure you keep to the space provided. Any information which runs on to another page will not be taken into consideration).
    • Proof read your application form – make sure the information is clear, precise and easily understood.
    • Keep a copy of your application form, the job description and employee specification to refer to should you be invited to interview.
    • Return your application form in good time well before the closing date. If you send it by email and you do not receive an auto acknowledgement, make sure you confirm receipt before the closing time. Remember: it is the time your application is received which matters – not the time it is sent.
    • The application pack for each job contains the job description, employee specification, terms and conditions of employment and the application form in PDF format. This information will not be available on the website after a job has closed. You can save the application pack while the job listing is live for your future reference.

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