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Updated: Friday 8 December 2023

Belfast Local Development Plan 2035 – Call for Sites

Following the adoption of the Belfast Local Development Plan (LDP) Plan Strategy on 2 May 2023, the Council are commencing work in relation to the Local Policies Plan (LPP). 

The LPP will contain local policies and site-specific proposals in relation to the development and use of land. It will contain the local policies, including site specific proposals, designations and land use zonings required to deliver the council’s vision, objectives and strategic policies, as set out in the Plan Strategy.

The ‘Call for Sites’ is an early opportunity for individuals, landowners and developers to suggest sites within the Council area for new development up to 2035. Proposals for any use (such as housing, commercial, retail etc) can be put forward to help identify a pool of sites for further consideration. The ‘Call for Sites’ exercise will not determine whether a site should be allocated for development, but will help provide information that will inform the development of the LPP.

For further information or to submit a site in Belfast to be considered for development, visit the Local Development Plan hub on ‘Your Say’ where you will find a link to the ‘Call for Sites’ section.

Here you will find an interactive map, where you can draw out the boundary of the piece of land you wish to suggest and make any comments about potential uses.

All submissions must be received by 5pm on 1 March 2024.

For more information, email or call 028 9050 0510.

Updated: Wednesday 15 November 2023

Revised Local Development Plan Timetable

Planning Act (Northern Ireland) 2011 and Planning (Local Development Plan) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2015.

Section 7 of the Planning Act (NI) 2011 places a statutory duty on councils to prepare and keep under review a Timetable for the preparation and adoption of the council’s Local Development Plan.

Belfast City Council adopted its initial Local Development Plan Timetable on 1 June 2016.  This Timetable has been subject to continual review as the council progresses through the LDP process. Statutory revisions were adopted and published in April 2018, November 2018 and July 2020. Following the adoption of the Belfast LDP Plan Strategy on 2 May 2023, the Timetable has been further revised and was approved by the Department for Infrastructure in October 2023.

In accordance with Regulation 8 of the Planning (Local Development Plan) Regulations (NI) 2015, Belfast City Council hereby gives notice of the adoption of its revised Local Development Plan Timetable.

The revised Timetable may be examined between the hours of to 5pm (Monday to Friday) at Belfast City Council, Planning Service, Cecil Ward Building, 4-10 Linenhall Street, Belfast, BT2 8BP.

View the revised Timetable. Copies can be obtained, by writing to the above address, by emailing or call 028 9050 0510.  

Adoption of Plan Strategy (May 2023)

In accordance with section 12 of the Planning Act (Northern Ireland) 2011, on 3 April 2023, we resolved to adopt the Belfast Local Development Plan – Plan Strategy (May 2023). This followed the Direction issued by the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) to adopt the Plan Strategy with specified modifications. The Plan Strategy was adopted on 2 May 2023 and took effect from that date.

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