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Local Development Plan

About the Belfast Local Development Plan (LDP)

  • About the LDP

    We are responsible for developing a Local Development Plan (LDP) for Belfast, working with local people, to create a clear vision of how the council area should develop and what it will look like in the years to come.

    The Local Development Plan will:

    • provide a 15-year plan framework to support economic and social needs in the city
    • facilitate growth by coordinating public and private investment to encourage development where it can be of most benefit to the wellbeing of the community
    • allocate sufficient land to meet the needs of the city
    • provide an opportunity for all stakeholders, including the public, to have a say about where and how development within the local area should take place
    • provide a plan-led framework for rational and consistent decision-making
    • deliver the spatial aspects of The Belfast Agenda, the city's community plan.
  • Local Development Plan process

    Ongoing engagement and community consultation is an important element of the Belfast Local Development Plan process ongoing alongside the work on the required Development Plan documentation and evidence base.

    Here are the key pieces of work carried out so far: 

    *The draft Plan Strategy was prepared and submitted in line with the Local Development Plan Timetable (November 2018). Following submission of the draft Plan Strategy to the Department for Infrastructure and Planning Appeals Commission, the timetable was revised to the Local Development Plan Timetable (July 2020). This will be subject to further review for the Local Policies Plan (LPP) stage.

    The formal Development Plan documents, associated publications and evidence base are available to download from the Document Library.

  • Local Development Plan timetable

    The Local Development Plan (LDP) timetable sets out the key stages and indicative timescales in the process to produce the Belfast Local Development Plan. 

    It will help to make sure that the plan process is efficiently managed, and that the key stakeholders, including the consultation bodies and the Planning Appeals Commission (PAC), are kept informed and can manage their own resources.

    The timetable has been the subject of ongoing revision and the current version was approved in October 2023 to take account of the draft Plan Strategy submission.

    You can also request a copy of the Belfast Local Development Plan timetable (October 2023) by emailing

  • More information

    If you have any queries on accessing the documentation, contact the Planning Office at Our Planning team can also help on 028 9050 0510.

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