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  • Our tenders

    We spend an average of £100million each year on a wide variety of supplies, services, works and concessions. On average, 85 per cent of our annual spend is with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

    We seek to achieve the best commercial outcome from our procurement, while making sure that the purchase of supplies, services and works achieve value for money by making a positive difference to the people and communities in Belfast. A missed opportunity to deliver social value is a cost that must be absorbed elsewhere in public services. 

  • Selling to us process

    The process we use depends on the contract value.

    Contract value Process
    Up to £3,000 No formal competition. Our officers make sure there is value for money
    Between £3,000 and £8,000 Formal competition with quotation from selected number of suppliers (minimum three). Not publicly advertised 
    Between £8,000 and £30,000 Formal competition with quotation from selected number of suppliers (minimum four). Not publicly advertised  
    Over £30,000  Tender: competitive procurement procedure. Tender is advertised on our Tender opportunities and eSourcing website
    Over PCR2015 threshold Tender: competitive procurement procedure in line with PCR2015. Tender is advertised on our Tender opportunities, eSourcing website and Find a tender (link opens in new window).

    For quotations valued up to £30,000, we encourage suppliers to register with us.

    Tenders greater than £30,000 are procured by the eSourcing website.

    There is also a list of suppliers that were awarded a tender in the last month. Awarded tenders are published on the eSourcingNI website

    If you are an existing supplier with a query about invoices or payments, there is more information in our Suppliers section. 

  • What we buy

    This table sets out the areas that we are responsible for and provides examples of what we buy in each area:

    Category Examples
    Advertising and media  Advertising, marketing and distribution, media, broadcasting, signage, promotional items, products for resale (for example toys, games for sale at Belfast Zoo) external publicity, sponsorship, photography and printing services 
    Buildings or asset maintenance  Buildings and site maintenance, mechanical and electrical services (M&E), fencing, lift maintenance 
    Catering and hospitality  Concession catering contracts (for example catering services at different venues), catering equipment and supplies, catering food, catering for meetings, bottled water and vending machine supplies.   
    Energy and utilities  Mains/metered gas, electricity, utilities, combined heat and power, sustainability projects, renewables, energy management services and bottled/cylinder gas 
    Events and community  Event organisation and planning services, event support services, event equipment and facilities hire, PEACE IV projects and community support and safety projects 
    Facilities management  Cleaning services (for example general, window or gutters), outdoor maintenance services (for example de-icing and snow clearance), security guarding, pest control services and supplies, facilities management agreements 
    Fleet  Replacement fleet vehicles to support in-house operations (for example vans, road or street sweepers, bin lorries), vehicles spares, parts and consumables (OEM and non-OEM), fleet repair services (for example general repairs and bodywork repairs), vehicle recovery services, grounds maintenance equipment, hire of vehicles and plant (with and without operator), vehicle fuel and tyres.
    HR  Temporary/agency resources, employee support services (for example counselling and occupational health), training, executive recruitment and travel services 
    ICT  ICT hardware, IT software, ICT equipment, printers, IT consultancy and support services, network services, telecoms and mobile phones 
    Office supplies  Office stationery, printing supplies, office furniture, porterage, office records storage and management, confidential waste recycling/ disposal.
    Parks and grounds maintenance  Grounds maintenance services and supplies, tree maintenance, horticultural services, plants, trees and soil supplies and associated products, aggregates and topsoil, animal welfare services (for example dog-kennelling), animal feed supplies (for example food supplies for Belfast Zoo), Playground equipment 
    Professional services  Consultancy, staff substitution, financial services, insurance brokerage, legal support services, sponsorship and employment, training academies 
    Stores  Workwear, PPE, cleaning products, power tools, hand tools, safety equipment, hardware, concrete products, electrical consumables, mechanical consumables, white goods/ appliances, paint and painting products and timber/wood products.
    Waste management  Non-hazardous waste management and disposal, Inert waste management and disposal, hazardous waste management and disposal, waste recycling/ reuse (for example mixed dry recyclables, mattresses), waste collection services, bins for resale, waste containers, skip hire, waste management equipment/ plant, environmental management services, waste spill or cleaning up services, fly tipping collection and clean up 
    Works and construction  Capital works projects, capital consultancy and support services  design and build, asset management 
  • Support programme for bidders

    Our tenders support provides free expert mentoring support for eligible businesses. Eligible businesses can take advantage of this support to help them identify and access public and private sector procurement opportunities in Northern Ireland and further afield (this can also include support during a live bidding stage).

    To check if you're eligible for support and to register, complete the form on Go Succeed (link opens in new window).

  • Social Value Procurement Policy

    Our Social Value Procurement Policy sets out our approach to delivering on the council's inclusive growth commitments and explains our social value objectives, the impact these changes will make and how we will work with suppliers using our social value toolkit to achieve our ambitions.

    Implementation will be phased to allow our suppliers to build expertise and experience. From June 2022 to April 2023, we will:

    • apply enhanced requirements to all tenders over £30,000, including reserving contracts to support social enterprises and co-operatives where appropriate
    • apply selection criteria, including those relating to ethical procurement and fair treatment of the supply chain, and
    • apply social value scoring and weighting to all tenders valued at over £250,000

    From April 2023 all aspects of the policy will apply to tenders over £30,000. This means that suppliers:

    • must pay the Real Living Wage (link opens in new window) to all their employees
    • must not use zero hours contracts for any of their employees
  • Contact us

    If you have any queries or feedback about a procurement process you have been involved in, contact Commercial and Procurement Services by email


    The Regulations (PCR2015 or CCR2016) under which our procurement activity is governed, includes the ability to make appeal (known as remedies), however this legislative framework is only available for procurement activity over a stipulated threshold.   

    The current thresholds for PCR2015 or CCR2016 to apply are £214,904 and £5,372,609.  

    PCR2015 regulates the purchase of goods, works or services and CCR2016 concession contracts.   

    However, for under threshold procurement exercises, remedies not being available does not prevent a bidder from seeking damages.  To seek damages the bidder would require grounds to do so and should seek their own legal advice if considering this step. 

    If a supplier is unhappy with the outcome of a procurement process, they can complain using our complaints process. This process is on the Corporate Complaints Office page. 

    Freedom of information 

    If you're interested in our procurement activity and contracts, read our Freedom of Information webpage.

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