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Development plan and policy

  • Belfast Local Development Plan (LDP)

    Find information on how we will develop our plan. where we are in the process and how we’ll use and develop land in the city until 2035. 

  • Supplementary Planning Guidance

    Find additional advice on planning policies in the new LDP Plan Strategy and other planning matters, such as student accommodation, trees, green and blue infrastructure, developer contributions and conservation areas.

  • Interactive Maps

    Access our interactive maps to view and search a range of planning-related information across the city.

  • Monitoring statistics

    Learn how we monitor statistics to check that our planning policies are doing what they are meant to do. This information also helps to shape future policies and inform decisions we make on planning applications. 

  • Other Local Development Plans

    Find information about other Local Development Plans including the Belfast Urban Area Plan 2001 and other statutory plans, and the draft Belfast Metropolitan Plan.

  • Regional Planning Policy

    View the range of regional planning policies from the Department for Infrastructure. These policies apply to the whole of Northern Ireland and set the basis on which local policies and decisions on planning applications can be made. 

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