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Dog control and animal welfare

Report a dog or animal welfare issue

  • Reporting a dog or animal welfare issue

    We’re experiencing some technical difficulties with our dog warden telephone line. We’re addressing this issue urgently.

    If you need to get in touch with our dog warden service, please email

    You can report:

    • a stray, lost or stolen dog
    • dog fouling
    • an overheating dog
    • a dead animal

    We also have information on reporting animal welfare issues that apply to animals such as horses and donkeys and contact details for reporting wild (feral) cats. 

    If you are concerned about a barking dog, you should report a noise problem

    Operating hours

    Our dog wardens operational hours are:

    Time To report
    Sunday to Saturday - except public and bank holidays
    8am - 8pm
    Call 028 9027 0431.
    5pm - 8pm
    8am - 8pm
    Leave a voicemail.
    Messages will be responded to by an officer as soon as possible.
  • Report an animal welfare issue

    We are responsible for enforcing the Welfare of Animals (NI) Act 2011. This applies to non-farmed animals only - these are domestic pets of any vertebrate species and equines such as horses and donkeys.

    If you have any concerns about a domestic animal, horse or donkey or think an animal is suffering from neglect, you should report an animal welfare issue.

    Report issue online 
    (link opens in new window)

    You can also report an issue by email or phone.

    Time  Contact details 
    During normal office hours:
    Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm 

    Or call 028 9027 0431

     If your call is not urgent please contact us during normal office hours.

    We will investigate complaints and enforce the legislation, but an animal's welfare is always the responsibility of the owner or keeper. All reports are confidential and you can report concerns anonymously. 

    We can take action to improve the welfare of non-farmed animals including:

    • providing advice
    • issuing an improvement notice
    • taking animals into their possession and
    • taking prosecution action

    Report an animal welfare issue 
    (link opens in new window)

    Welfare of farm animals

    Welfare complaints about farmed animals (animals bred or kept for the production of food, wool or skin or other farming purposes) should be referred to the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) (link opens in new window). 

    Welfare of wild animals

    Welfare complaints about wildlife crime such as badger baiting, bird poisoning, deer poaching, or animal fighting should be referred to the PSNI on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

    You should also contact the PSNI about wild animals or animals on the road.

  • Report a lost or stolen dog

    To report a lost or stolen dog, call us on 028 9027 0431.

    We can then check to see if it has been picked up by our wardens or taken to our dog pound at:

    Nutts Corner Boarding Kennels
    18 Dundrod Road
    Nutts Corner
    Co. Antrim

    Telephone: 028 9082 5317

    Facebook: Nutts Corner Boarding Kennels (link opens in new window)

    If you're collecting a lost or stolen dog please call in advance and bring photographic ID, your dog's licence number and the release fee.

  • Report dog fouling

    Help us clamp down on dog fouling by reporting it, you can:

    Report dog fouling online

    We want to know:

    • Where the dog fouling is – the exact location will really help, include street names, areas, or landmarks.
    • The time you think the dog fouling happens – do you know what time the offending dog is usually walked?
    • What the dog looks like – if you know the colour, breed or size this will help us identify the offender.
  • Report a stray dog

    If you find a stray dog, call our dog wardens on 028 9027 0431.

    They'll arrange to collect it. You may also be asked for:

    • your name, address and telephone number,
    • a description of the dog including its type, colour, size and approximate age,
    • the time, date and location where you found the dog.
  • Report an overheating dog

    If you see a dog overheating in a car, you can call us:

    Opening times Telephone
    Monday to Friday
    8.30am - 5pm
    028 9027 0431 
    Outside of these hours PSNI on 999 

    If a dog suffers or dies because they were left in a hot car, their owner can face prosecution for neglect and cruelty.

  • Reporting stray or feral cats

    We don't have any authority to deal with stray or feral cats. Cats are protected by law and it is an offence to harm them. Stray cats are usually feral or semi-feral, this means they are shy, nervous, and even aggressive towards people and will not want to be handled. The Cats Protection organisation can provide advice on cats. Email or call 028 9048 0202.

    Cats often roam away from their home. They are more likely to roam if they are being fed by different people. Our advice is not to feed cats you don't own.

    If you have any welfare concerns for a cat and know the owner's address, report the issue to animal welfare (link opens in new window).

  • Report a dead animal

    You can report a dead animal on the road to our Street Cleansing team.

    Report a dead animal 
    (link opens in new window)

    You can also email or call us on 028 9027 0230 to make a report.

    If a domestic pet or non-domestic animal like a fox, bird or badger is found dead in your house or garden, you must make your own arrangements to dispose of the animal. 

    You can find out more at or (Links open in new window)

  • Dog control fines

    Dog control fines are issued in accordance with The Fouling of Land by Dogs (Belfast City Council) Act 2012 (link opens in new window). We issued these fines in previous 12 months.

    Month Fouling No licence Straying
    July 2021 2 17 20
    June 2021 3 7 17
    May 2021 1 0 0
    April 2021 0 4 6
    March 2021 0 3 3
    February 2021 2 17 12
    January 2021 1 12 22
    December 2020 1 13 3
    November 2020 1 2 10
    October 2020 0 0 7
    September 2020 0 0 0
    August 2020 0 0 0
    July 2020 0 0 0
    Total 11 75 100

Contact us

For more information and advice, get in touch.

028 9027 0431

Dog control, Ground Floor, Cecil Ward Building, 4-10 Linenhall Street, Belfast, BT2 8BP

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