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Green Dog Walkers

The Green Dog Walkers scheme is a UK wide community-based campaign to change attitudes about dog fouling. We are using the scheme as an innovative approach to dog fouling, which is one of the most controversial issues we deal with.

Responsible dog owners

Dog owners and dog walkers support the scheme by signing a pledge to clean up after their pets, they support other dog walkers by carrying extra dog bags if they need them. In return, they’ll receive a Green Dog Walkers lead and a small supply of dog bags.

Green Dog Walkers lead

By taking the pledge and using the Green Dog Walkers lead, owners have committed to:

  • always clean up after their dog, 
  • carry extra dog bags, and 
  • give other dog walkers free dog bags. 

How to become a Green Dog Walker 

To become a Green Dog Walker, first read the pledge:

Green Dog Walkers pledge 

I hereby volunteer to accept a Green Dog Walkers lead and pledge to take part in the campaign as follows: 

  • I will use the lead as often as possible when walking my dog(s). 
  • I will at all times clean up after my dog and dispose of the bag in a bin.
  • When others walk my dog, I will encourage them to clean up after my dog.
  • I understand that using the lead indicates that I will carry extra dog bags to distribute to other dog walkers if requested. 
  • At no time when using the lead will I aggressively confront other dog walkers about dog fouling. I fully understand that Green Dog Walkers is intended to be a non-confrontational and friendly campaign to change attitudes about dog fouling. 
  • I agree that Green Dog Walkers may contact me to take part in questionnaires or surveys regarding my Green Dog Walkers experience, to help judge the success of the project. 

Now you can complete our online form or download and complete the pledge form (PDF - 108KB).

When we receive your submission, we will send you a Green Dog Walkers lead for your pet or these can be collected from this address: 

Dog Wardens
Ground Floor 
Cecil Ward Building 
4-10 Linenhall Street 
BT2 8BP 

Office opening hours

The office opening hours are:

Day Opening hours
Monday to Thursday  8.30am - 5pm
Friday  8.30am - 4.30pm
Public and bank holidays  View holiday arrangements


Please be aware that whilst we welcome anyone to join the scheme and sign the pledge to cleanup after your dog, only residents within the Belfast City Council boundary will receive a Green Dog Walkers lead. 

Contact us

For further information, email our Community Awareness team at or call 028 9027 0230.

Contact us
Community Awareness Team
028 9027 0230
City and Neighbourhood Services Department,
Cleansing Services,
The Cecil Ward Building,
4-10 Linenhall Street,