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Coronavirus update

In response to coronavirus (COVID-19), our services are suspended for campsite licences.

Caravan and camping sites

There are no licensed caravan or camping sites in Belfast. 

However, under the Caravans Act (Northern Ireland) 1963, you must apply to us if you want to operate a caravan or camping site in Belfast.

If approved, we will issue you with a licence for your site.

Apply for a caravan or camping site licence

There is no charge to apply for a licence for a caravan or camping site.

Please read the terms and conditions for online services and our privacy statement.

About your application

Before you apply for a caravan or camping site licence, you must have:
  • secured planning permission for caravan or camping sites
  • sufficient insurance
  • met the model licence conditions for caravan or camping sites for Northern Ireland, issued by the Department of the Environment in 1992

We will inspect any licensed caravan or camping sites annually to make sure they comply with the conditions of their licence. These conditions are based on the model licence conditions for caravan and camping sites. 

If you fail to meet the conditions of your licence, it may be withdrawn.

Model licence conditions

You must comply with any conditions attached to a site licence. These may include:
  • restrictions on when caravans can be stationed on the site
  • restrictions of the total number of caravans that can be on the site at any one time
  • conditions controlling the types of caravan on the site
  • conditions governing the positioning of the caravans and placing of any other structures, vehicles or tents
  • conditions preserving and enhancing the land, including planting bushes and trees
  • conditions requiring fire safety, and fire-fighting system and equipment provision and maintenance
  • conditions providing sanitary facilities and any other facilities, services or equipment, and ensuring these are properly maintained

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Environmental health
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