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Licences and permits


  • Introduction

    Hairdressers or barbers in Belfast can register their business with us.

    We'll inspect all registered businesses to check the cleanliness and safety of the premises and equipment.

  • Register a hairdressing business

    Please read the terms and conditions for online services and our privacy statement.

    It's free to register a hairdressing or barber business with us.

  • Inspections

    All hairdressers and barbers in Belfast are inspected as part of a risk-based programme undertaken by our staff. 

    If you choose to register your business with us, you'll receive an inspection when you apply.

    This is a general health and safety inspection, in which we would expect to see a health and safety policy and risk assessments focusing on slips and trips, falls from a height, fire and electrical safety, hazardous substances and manual handling.

    Hairdressers are particularly at risk of developing dermatitis and it's important that precautions are in place to prevent this.

  • Queries

    If you have any queries or complaints about the inspection or the registration process, or to find out if a hairdressers is registered, please contact us.

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