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Selling to us

  • Contracts valued over £30,000 

    We publish all tenders over £30,000 on eSourcing NI (link opens in new window). It is free to register on this site to receive email alerts every time a tender is advertised that meets your criteria.  

    If you have any queries, or experience any problems with eSourcing NI, call BravoSolution on 0800 368 4850 (outside the UK, call +4420 3349 6601) or email 

    Submitting a tender 

    If you have questions, seek clarification by eSourcingNI messaging. Our responses might help you submit a better bid. Unless the question is considered commercially sensitive to your bid, the question and answer will be circulated to all potential suppliers to ensure there is no unfair advantage.

    Answer all questions in the Qualification, Technical and Commercial sections and attach supporting documentation if requested.  Make sure you answer accurately and precisely and provide support and evidence for statements made in your tender.  If you don’t provide all the relevant information, your submission may be rejected. 

    Your answers and supporting documentation must be submitted before the closing date and time specified in the contracts notice.  Once the deadline has passed the portal will close and you won’t be able to submit.

    How are tenders evaluated? 

    All tender submissions will be evaluated by the appropriate council officers (individually and then by consensus agreement) against the evaluation criteria outlined in the procurement documents.  

    Contract award 

    Internal approvals will be sought prior to proceeding to award of the contract, at which stage unsuccessful bidders will be provided with feedback and successful bidders will be notified of contract award. 

    Contract Management 

    A Belfast City Council contract manager will be responsible for the administration of the contract.  All contracted suppliers are subject to performance reviews as set out within contract.  The supplier must ensure that quality and performance stated in the contract are maintained (or improved) throughout the contract period. 

  • Contracts valued up to £30,000 

    These opportunities are not usually advertised. We seek bids from potential suppliers directly.  To help identify potential suppliers, a procuring officer may consult our internal supplier database.

    You should add your company's details to our supplier database.

    Complete our company registration form 

    Selected suppliers will be emailed an ‘Invitation to quote’. If you have questions, you can seek clarification from the contacts named in the quotation documents. 

    The procurement documentation issued will contain items such as: 

    • Instructions to bid and how your bid will be evaluated, including any schedules for your completion 
    • A specification of requirements 

    After the closing time, the submissions will be evaluated against the criteria and scoring mechanism set out in the quotation document.  
    All suppliers are notified of the outcome.

    Departmental contacts

    We have seven departments. Each department is responsible for contracts of £30,000 or less. The table shows our services and contacts for each department.

    Services and departmental contacts

    Department Contact information
    Chief Executive's Department Assistant Business Support Manager
    City and Neighbourhood Services
    City Resources and Fleet: Waste collections and Fleet Business Co-ordinator (Finance, Procurement and Information)
    City Resources and Fleet: Waste management Waste Management Officer (Procurement)
    City Services Business Co-Ordinator (Finance, Procurement and Information)
    Neighbourhood Development and Regeneration Business Co-ordinator (Finance, Procurement and Information)
    Neighbourhood Services: Open Spaces and Streetscene

    Business Support Officer (Procurement)

    City and Organisational Strategy

    Continuous Improvement
    Corporate HR
    Marketing and Corporate Communications
    Portfolio Office
    Strategy, Policy and Partnerships

    Assistant Business Support Manager
    Finance and Resources

    Commercial and Procurement Services Customer Hub
    Digital Services
    Strategic Performance Unit

    Senior Business Support Assistant
    Legal and Civic Services
    Civic Services Management
    Governance and Compliance
    Legal Services
    Assistant Business Support Manager
    Physical Programmes
    Estates Management
    Facilities Management
    Project Management
    Property Management
    Technical Support Officer
    Place and Economy
    Enterprise and Business Growth EBG Officer
    Central Grants Unit Grants Manager
    International Relations (IR) IR Officer
    Culture Unit Culture Development Manager
    Tourism and Events Unit Tourism and Events Development Manager
  • Bidder top tips

    • Before completing your quotation or tender, make yourself familiar with our terms and conditions and policies. 
    • Read the instructions included in the documentation which will set out how to bid 
    • Read the specification carefully to ensure you understand what is required. 
    • Make sure you can match the technical, skill and experience requirements.  
    • We can only evaluate what you have submitted. We cannot refer to any previous knowledge or experience it has had with a supplier unless it is in your submission – do not make any assumptions about what we may or may not know about your or your company. 
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