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  • Translation help

    You can use free translation tools to translate web pages into languages other than English. 

    Select a language to translate our website to. Once you choose your language you will be redirected to the website homepage. This free service is offered by Google and is not translated by a professional.

    Use Google Translate

    You can translate our website to a different language by using the Google Translate web service. These links open in a new window.

    Choose a language:

    Use Google Chrome

    You can translate web pages to a different language by using the Google Chrome web browser. 

    More information is available from the Google Chrome Help website (link opens in new window).

    Use Microsoft Translate

    You can translate our web pages to a different language by using Microsoft Translate. Microsoft Translate is available as a downloadable app for your phone or as an add-in for Microsoft software such as the Edge web browser, Outlook and PowerPoint.

    More information is available from the Microsoft Translate website (link opens in a new window).


    Our website is an English language website. These translation tools can help you to read Belfast City Council web pages in languages other than English.

    These translation tools are provided by third parties and are not the responsibility of Belfast City Council. We cannot guarantee the quality or accuracy of translations provided and anyone using these tools does so at their own risk. Belfast City Council will not be liable for any loss, damage or misunderstanding that may be caused as a result of using these tools and services to translate pages.

  • Sign language interpreter

    To contact our video relay service, SignVideo, through a computer or mobile device, you’ll need video capability and broadband access. Then follow these steps:

    • Select BSL or ISL to access SignVideo from your browser 
    • Connect to a SignVideo interpreter and they will confirm you are contacting Belfast City Council
    • You will then be connected to a registered interpreter and can start the conversation in Sign Language. State which Sign Language you prefer; British Sign Language or Irish Sign Language
    • If a member of our team needs to call you back to resolve your enquiry we will return your call by connecting to SignVideo to provide a registered interpreter so you can continue the conversation in Sign Language.

    What do I need to use the app?

    To use the SignVideo app, your mobile device or computer needs to meet these requirements:

    Mobile devices

    • iOS devices: 11 or above
    • Android devices: 4.4 or above

    PC devices running Windows

    • Your computer or device will need to have one of these browsers:
      • PC: Chrome and Firefox
      • macOS: Chrome (Safari 11 supported)
    • Your computer or device will also need
      • a webcam
      • a good internet connection
      • bandwidth of at least 512kbps upload and download

    Technical help

    For SignVideo troubleshooting and technical help, email or call 020 3388 0771.

  • Screen reader help

    Select the Read aloud icon that appears on each page of our website to launch the ReachDeck Plus toolbar. Then select any text to hear it read aloud. This will provide the speech and reading support tools you need for free. 

    Open Reach Deck toolbar

    Read aloud

    This tool reads website content out loud using the most natural and engaging voice to transform your online reading experience.

    Our pages can be also be translated to other languages using this toolbar.

    You can also change the settings to suit your preferences by selecting the gear icon on the ReachDeck toolbar.


    The toolbar features include:

    • Dual-Colour Highlighting
    • Text Magnification
    • Translator
    • MP3 Maker
    • Screen Masking
    • Pronunciation Modifier
    • Secure Site Reading
    • PDF Reading
    • International Languages


    A full range of support services are provided for ReachDeck:



    Call: 0800 328 7910

Read aloud icon Read aloud