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Report a missed bin collection

  • Report a missed bin collection

    Reasons why we may not have collected your bin

    • Your collection is on a public holiday when collection times change. See holiday bin collections.
    • Our bin lorry has broken down.
    • Bad weather stopped us collecting your bin.
    • We couldn’t get access to your street due to parked cars. This means it can take us much longer to empty bins, or it can stop us from collecting bins. To help our bin collection service run as smoothly as possible, please park so that our bin lorries can get to your bin collection point.
    • Your bin lids weren’t closed.
    • Your bins were too heavy.
    • The wrong items were in your bins or boxes.
    • Your bin is damaged. Order a new bin.

    How to report a missed bin collection

    If we haven’t collected your bin on your usual collection day, you can:

    Report it online

    Please read the terms and conditions for online services and our privacy statement.

    Or call 028 9027 0230.

    Phone lines are open:

    • 8.30am - 5pm Monday to Thursday
    • 8.30am - 4.30pm Friday

    Please wait until after 8pm on the day of collection to report a missed bin collection.

  • Advice about putting your bins out

    Put your bins and boxes out by 7am on your collection day at your normal collection point, which should be visible from the road. Make sure your recycling is in the right bins or boxes.

  • Report a different problem with your bin

    You can report:

    • a stolen or burnt bin
    • a missing bin
    • a bin that hasn’t been returned to its collection point

    Report a different problem with your bin

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