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Commercial waste collection

  • Waste collection services

    We offer commercial waste collection services to businesses in Belfast.

    It includes: 

    • a collection service across the whole city 
    • a competitively priced and reliable service
    • a wide choice of commercial waste bins 
    • excellent customer support
    • recycling service for commercial waste
    • Saturday collections in certain parts of Belfast
    • an evening collection service in Belfast city centre
    • a legal contract between us and your business
    • discounted rates for schools, charities and churches
  • Collection days and times

    Bins are collected Monday to Friday between 7am and 3.30pm.  Bins must be left out for collection by 7am to make sure they are emptied. We can't give specific collection times for individual premises.

    Bin collections during public and bank holidays

    If there are changes to commercial waste collections on public or bank holidays, this information is published on our Holiday arrangements page.

  • Arranging a commercial waste collection

    Call 028 9027 0735 for more information. 

    Types of commercial waste bins

    • 60 litre bagged waste - this is charged every six months in advance. We issue collection bags to cover a six-month period from the start of your contract. Extra bags can be ordered if needed.
    • 240 litre wheelie bin - there is a charge for this bin and collection fees are payable every six months in advance.
    • 660 litre bin - this bin is free but there is a collection charge which is invoiced monthly.
    • 1100 litre bin - this bin is free but there is a collection charge which is invoiced monthly.
  • Recycling service for commercial waste

    Recycling can help reduce the amount of waste which ends up in landfill, and could reduce the number of collections you need.

    We offer a range of commercial waste recycling services:

    • dry recycling (for paper, card, plastic bottles and aluminium cans)
    • glass recycling (for glass bottles and jars)
    • food waste composting
    Dry recycling
    Paper Tins (biscuits, sweets)
    Newspaper Clean aluminium foil
    Magazines Plastic pots, tubs and tray
    Cardboard Toilet roll tubes
    Food and drink cans and cartons  
    Aerosol cans  


    Food waste composting - What goes in my bin? 
    Food waste Bones 
    Fruit and vegetable peelings Teabags and coffee grounds 

    When you add a recycling service, we'll provide you with the relevant bin.

    All our recycling bins are provided free. If you don't have room for a recycling bin, we can provide you with recycling bags which take up less space.

    Types of commercial recycling bins

    • 240 litre recycling wheelie bin - perfect for offices and smaller businesses, it can fit through standard doorways.
    • 660 litre recycling container - designed to fit through standard doorways and is ideal for large quantities of waste on premises with limited space.
    • 1100 litre recycling container - ideal for large quantities of waste, equivalent to five standard household bins.
    • 140 litre food recycling bin - to store used food waste bags until collection.
    • Recycling bags - ideal for dry recycling if you don't have the space for bins.

    If you put any waste in your bin that is not permitted, we'll place a contamination sticker on it and won't be able to collect it. Remove the offending waste and leave the bin out for collection again on your next collection day. 

  • Prices

    For prices, call us on 028 9027 0735 or email 

    All customers must pay by direct debit.

    All queries about invoices should be made to our Central Transactions Unit on 028 9027 0319. 

  • Using commercial waste bins

    • Leave your bin out from 7am to 3.30pm on your collection day.
    • Make sure bins can be easily reached by our staff.
    • Don't overfill your bin - make sure the lid closes properly. Any loose waste should be stored in the prepaid bags provided and tied securely.
    • Return your bin to your storage area after collection. Don't leave it on the footpath or in the street.
    • Glass, metal or wood shouldn't be placed in prepaid waste bags.
    • Recycling: we can't collect paper or cardboard placed outside your bin.
  • Contact us

    Commercial Waste Service
    Ground Floor
    The Cecil Ward Building
    4-10 Linenhall Street
    BT2 8BP

    Call: 028 9027 0735
    Fax: 028 9027 0672

    For specific queries: 

    Invoicing, debt and account enquiries 
    Telephone: 028 9027 0319

    New and amended service requirements, marketing and sales information 
    Telephone: 028 9027 0298

    Operational enquiries (including missed collections) 
    Telephone: 028 9027 0735

    Prepaid waste bags
    Telephone: 028 9027 0735

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