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Bulky waste collection

  • Bulky waste collection service for households

    We provide a free bulky waste collection service from households in the Belfast City Council area. This service is only for households. We do not collect items from businesses.

    We will collect a maximum of seven items per household, per collection. You can request a collection up to three months in advance. The bulky waste collection service runs Monday to Friday. There are no collections on bank or public holidays.

    Before you book your collection, think about other ways to dispose of your unwanted items:

    • check if they can be brought to our recycling centres, which accept a wide range of household items.
    • donate them to a local charity or not-for-profit organisation. Some organisations might collect your items for free.
    • sell or donate your items on dedicated sale websites or social media channels.
  • What we can and can't collect

    Before you contact us or request a bulky waste collection, check the list of items we can collect. We can collect a maximum of seven items from a household in one collection. We will only take the items you booked for collection. You must get your items ready for collection, following any instructions in the table. If you don't, we can't collect them. 

    Items we can collect

    Category Items Instructions
    Bedroom furniture Bed frames, headboards and bed bases

    No instructions

    Free standing bedside cabinets, chest of drawers and wardrobes

    No instructions

    Mattresses Cover this item to keep it dry for collection.
    Sofa beds with metal frame

    No instructions

    Kitchen appliances American fridge freezer Empty the fridge freezer.
    Cookers, hobs and extractor fans

    No instructions

    Fridges and freezers Empty the fridge or freezer.
    Range cooker

    No instructions

    White goods including washing machines No instructions
    Living room items Carpet Cover this item to keep it dry for collection.

    No instructions

    Tables (dining, coffee, bedside and side) Tape up any glass to avoid shattering.
    Free standing display cabinets and bookcases

    No instructions

    Lino and vinyl floor pieces

    No instructions

    Mirrors Tape up any glass to avoid shattering.
    Sofas and armchairs Cover this item to keep it dry.

    No instructions

    Reclining sofa and armchair Cover this item to keep it dry.
    Other items Mains-powered electrical equipment, including lawnmowers and treadmills. Call 028 9027 0230 to request a collection.
    Oil tank Empty and cut into two pieces before collection.
    Small electrical appliances and TVs Mains-powered items including kettles, toasters, DVD players and vacuum cleaners

    No instructions

    Televisions and monitors Tape up any glass to avoid shattering.

    Items we can't collect

    If we can’t collect your item, you may be able to take it to one of our recycling centres or civic amenity sites.

    This table shows which items our recycling centres or civic amenity sites can take.

    Items Recycling centre Civic amenity sites
    Bagged household waste Yes Yes
    Bathroom suites, kitchen units, radiators and built-in wardrobes Yes Yes
    We accept small amounts, but recommend using our recycling centres.  
    Batteries and fluorescent tubes Yes Yes
    Only accepted at Cregagh Road.
    Building materials, including rubble, plaster board, wall and floor tiles, bricks and soil Yes
    50kg weight limit. 
    Cardboard, polystyrene and other packaging Yes Yes
    Doors (internal, external and sliding wardrobe doors) Yes Yes
    Fireplace surrounds and hearths Yes No
    Garden waste Yes
    It must be broken up.
    50kg weight limit.
    Only accepted at Springfield Avenue and Cregagh Road. We don't accept soil.
    Gas cylinders Yes No
    Hospital equipment, including hospital beds and hoists Yes No
    Liquid waste, including paint, pesticides and oil Yes No
    Outdoor furniture including sheds and play items Yes Yes
    We accept small amounts, but recommend using our recycling centres.
    Prams, buggies and child car seats Yes Yes
    Toys including bikes and ride-ons Yes Yes 
    We accept small amounts, but recommend using our recycling centres.
    Tyres and car parts Yes 
    Only two tyres per customer permitted. Oil filters and engine oil only. 
    Windows Yes No
    Wooden floor and skirting Yes Yes
    We accept small amounts, but recommend using our recycling centres.
  • Get your items ready for us to collect

    • Only put out items which have been requested for collection. We will collect a maximum of seven items.
    • Leave your items out by 7am on the day of collection.
    • You must leave your items where your general waste bin is picked up by the lorry. This could be at the:
      • front of your house, on the kerb
      • side of your house, on the kerb
      • rear of your house in an open space where the vehicular access is at the back, or
      • end of an entry, outside any entry gates (we will not collect any items in an entry or behind entry gates).
    • We will not go into your property.
    • If you are unable to put your items out, email or call 028 9027 0230.
    • Cover all items that are absorbent like mattresses, sofas and carpets to keep them dry. We cannot collect heavy, waterlogged items. We will take away all coverings.
    • Dismantle and bundle any wooden items like wardrobes. If possible, consider taking these to a recycling centre instead.
    • Remove all protruding screws and nails that could cause injury.
    • Tape up any glass on items like television monitors, cabinets, or mirrors to avoid shattering and reduce risk of injury. If possible, consider taking these to a recycling centre instead.
    • Remove all food and drink from fridges and freezers before collection. We cannot collect items containing food and drink.

    The free bulky waste service is for households only. We don't collect items from businesses. There is a commercial waste collection for businesses.

  • Request a bulky waste collection

    You can:

    arrange a bulky waste collection

    You can also email or call 028 9027 0230. 

    We will contact you with the earliest date available. Depending on the items, you may have collections on different dates. Bulky waste collections may be unavailable during holiday periods. 

    For online requests, we will contact you within two working days of your request to confirm your collection date. 

    We’ll send you an email and text the day before your collection to remind you.

  • Changing or cancelling your bulky waste collection

    If you need to change or cancel your bulky collection, contact us by email or call 028 9027 0230.

    You can call us from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Our opening hours may vary during public holidays.

Contact us

For more information, contact us.

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