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Training and support

  • Belfast Employment Academies

    The employment academies provide tailored training to help people get jobs and help businesses with recruitment. An employment academy is a short, intensive training programme for a group of 15 people maximum. Academy participants must be Belfast residents. 

    An academy can include:

    • an opportunity to hear about the role from people already in the career
    • pre-interview training
    • technical or accredited modules or both
    • guaranteed interview for people completing the academy

    Additional criteria may apply for specific programmes. Academies have been delivered in these sectors:

    • leisure
    • social care
    • playwork and childcare
    • fibre splicing
    • transport and logistics
    • business services
    • technology

    Apply to an employment academy

    Apply to an employment academy (link opens in a new window).

    For information on Belfast Employment Academies, email

Information about each employment academy

Programme and delivery organisations

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