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Gateway to Choices

  • About Gateway to Choices

    Thanks to funding from the Belfast Labour Market Partnership, we’ve launched our Gateway to Choices service which aims to support Belfast residents who aren’t currently working, but would like to get a job, or return to work. 

    Gateway to Choices provides tailored advice and guidance to help you find the right support you need to progress towards employment, education, or training.  The service works closely with relevant health service providers, local community organisations and the NI Careers Service (amongst others) to give you specific help to break down the barriers you may be facing – and which may be stopping you finding the right job or achieving your employment goals.

    Gateway to Choices is a service that anyone living in Belfast can access, as long as they meet certain requirements.

    The service is designed to help people who have been unemployed for six months or more, people who are not yet ready to work and have been referred by a job coach from the Jobs and Benefits Office, people who are of working age, but not receiving benefits and are not currently working, and people who are employed, but want to find a better job, or a job that is more sustainable.

    Gateway to Choices will allow you to take the next step towards work by providing easy-to-access, independent, and quality information and help you make informed decisions about how to find the right help you need at the right time.


  • Access the service

    You can access the service in a number of ways, including through a large number of outreach centres across the city, as well as by freephone, email or our dedicated app. 

    GEMSNI, who deliver the Gateway to Choices service on our behalf can advise on your closest centre to access help.  Please use the freephone number or email above to ask them.

    If you have any problems accessing Gateway to Choices, email

    Funding for Gateway to Choices service has been made available by the Department for Communities through Employability NI.

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