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Digital Badges

  • What are Digital Badges?

    We’re one of the newest Cities of Learning to provide digital badging.

    Digital Badges give employers and support organisations an innovative, simple, and visual way of recognising non-accredited learning, helping to recruit and promote employee skills and achievements.

    They can be shared through a range of social media channels, on CVs, or by messenger.

    Digital Badges can be customised and tailored to all types of learning - from formal classroom delivery to informal events or workshops. There are no limitations on subject matter or the creative content of a Digital Badge and all Badges are endorsed by City & Guilds.

  • What do Digital Badges offer employers?

    • An innovative way to recruit and retain talent, saving you time and money.
    • Access to a pool of skilled candidates.​
    • Digitally verified employer references.​
    • A way to map skills and reward and incentivise staff development.
    • A way to promote your company brand and values.
    • A way to demonstrate compliance.
    • A tool to measure your company’s social value activity.
  • How do Digital Badges help support organisations?

    • Promoting and recognising non accredited learning.
    • Enhancing customer confidence.
    • Celebrating your customers’ achievements and development journeys.
    • Helping your customers articulate their learning and skills.
    • Differentiating your service.
  • Digital Badges for organisations in Belfast

    If you’re a Belfast-based support organisation or employer and want to hear more about how Digital Badges can add value to your organisation, email

    If you decide to become a Digital Badge issuer, you must complete an application. Once approved, we’ll help you write and issue Digital Badges for your organisation.

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