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Belfast Labour Market Partnership

  • How we developed the Belfast Labour Market Partnership

    The Belfast Labour Market Partnership (LMP) is focused on improving Belfast’s employability outcomes and labour market conditions by working with a wide range of partners, being flexible to meet local needs and helping to connect employers with employees. We developed the partnership with funding from the Department for Communities (DfC) and Department for the Economy (DfE). 

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    Working with stakeholder groups

    We work with a wide range of stakeholder groups to consider four areas when deciding how to support the development of Belfast’s labour market:

    • supply (people)
    • demand (employment)
    • provision (education, training and support programmes)
    • policy

    This gives us the information we need to:

    • develop a Belfast Labour Market Partnership action plan tailored to the city’s labour market needs
    • agree the city’s sector and industry specific needs
    • review supply and demand levels to identify gaps and challenges; and
    • commission the support required.
  • More information on Belfast Labour Market Partnership

    You can read a summary of our 2023-2024 action plan here:

    2023-2024 action plan

    Or email

  • Key areas of focus

    During 2023 and 2024, we’ll be focusing on a range of activities which will help to:

    • reduce Belfast’s working-age economic inactivity rate
    • reduce youth unemployment (18 to 24 years old) in the city
    • increase the median wage in the city
    • increase the percentage of working-age adults with disabilities employed in Belfast
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