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Training and support

  • Health and Social Care Employment Academy

    We’re working with the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust to recruit Domiciliary Care Workers.

    Our five day Employment Academy will help prepare you to make a job application and complete an interview.

    Register your interest by 1 June 2023.  The academy will begin on 5 June 2023 and interviews are expected to take place on 26 June 2023.

  • Belfast Employment Academies

    The employment academies provide tailored training to help people get jobs and help businesses with recruitment. An employment academy is a short, intensive training programme for a group of 15 people maximum. Academy participants must be Belfast residents. 

    An academy can include:

    • an opportunity to hear about the role from people already in the career
    • pre-interview training
    • technical or accredited modules or both
    • guaranteed interview for people completing the academy

    Additional criteria may apply for specific programmes. Academies have been delivered in these sectors:

    • leisure
    • social care
    • playwork and childcare
    • fibre splicing
    • transport and logistics
    • business services
    • technology

    Apply to an employment academy

    Apply to an employment academy (link opens in a new window).

    For information on Belfast Employment Academies, email

  • Tech Employment Academy

    Are you interested in a career in Tech?

    Our Tech Employment Academy is a new and exciting pathway to a career in technology, including a guaranteed job interview with Allstate.

    This academy will provide you with the fundamental skills in Product Management and Employability through classroom and on-the-job learning with Allstate to help you gain experience in the workplace.

    On successful completion, you’ll be invited for a job interview with Allstate, giving you the opportunity for a career in the Tech sector.

    People with tech skills are in high demand: the UK’s leading companies increasingly use technology to manage their activities, market their products and communicate with their customers to increase productivity.


    • you must be aged 18 or above at the time of application
    • you must complete an aptitude assessment as part of the application
    • you must be a motivated Tech enthusiast with a positive attitude
    • you must be comfortable working as part of a team and have strong communication skills

    Key benefits of completing the Tech Academy

    • a career pathway into the Tech sector
    • excellent training provided by Tech industry professionals
    • on-the-job training in a real working environment
    • a job interview with Allstate
  • Your job journey

    We want to help support you on your job journey - whether you’re looking for job advice, redundancy support,  or you want to embark on a new career. We have information available to help you.

    Take the Next Step 

Information about each employment academy

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