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Linne’s two toed sloth

Choloepus didactylus

Sloths spend the majority of their lives upside down, in the trees. These unusual animals eat, sleep, mate and give birth from their position high among the branches in the rainforest.

Sloths are the only mammal with hair that grows in the opposite direction than other animals. This allows rain water to run off the body when hanging upside down. The hair of the sloth is also unusual as it collects algae. The algae gives the sloth a greenish tint which helps them camouflage in their treetop home. 

The Linne’s two toed sloth can be up to 70 centimetres long and can weigh up to nine kilograms.

These solitary animals have a low metabolic rate which allows them to survive on little or poor quality food. Due to this, a sloth only comes to the ground once a week to go to the toilet.

Belfast Zoo is home to two Linne’s two toed sloths, named Enrique and Priscita.

IUCN Status

The IUCN status of the Linne’s two toed sloth is least concern.

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