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Circular economy

Belfast #CircleCity

  • What is Belfast Circle City?

    Belfast #CircleCity is a new, on-the-go recycling initiative, which we’ve rolled out in the city centre and some of our parks.

    Supported by environmental charity Hubbub and The Coca-Cola Foundation, the three-month trial aims to make it easier for residents and visitors to recycle their empty plastic bottles and cans.

    There are 25 bins placed in different locations across the city centre and in some of our parks.

    You’ll find them at:

    • City Hall
    • Donegall Place
    • Corn Market
    • Botanic Gardens
    • Victoria Park
    • Waterworks Park
    • Falls Park.
  • What happens if I put the wrong things in the recycling bins?

    Putting anything other than empty plastic bottles and cans in the yellow recycling bins can create what’s called ‘contamination’.

    Too much contamination (for example, food packaging, liquids or coffee cups) means recycling facilities can’t accept the materials and whole batches can go to waste.

  • Why are you only recycling plastic bottles and cans?

    These are the most commonly used and easily recycled materials we use while out and about. Unfortunately, collecting paper, cardboard and food packaging in on-street recycling bins can be counterproductive. If paper or cardboard gets wet (from liquid in the bin or the rain), it can break down and become difficult to recycle.

    If food packaging ends up in the bin, it often can’t be recycled due to food waste contamination, which can spoil other recycling too.

  • Who collects the waste from the new #CircleCity bins and where does it go?

    Our collection team will take the recycling to Bryson Recycling from where:

    • plastic is recycled into water pipes and other products including new bottles and clothes
    • cans are taken to a facility where they’re turned into new cans or other aluminium products.
  • What’s the point in recycling? Shouldn’t we just be using less?

    We should all take steps to reduce and reuse. We strongly encourage everyone to use reusable coffee cups and refillable water bottles. Tackling the waste problem needs multiple solutions and the more waste we can recycle and put back into use, the better. We can all do our bit.

  • Do the new bins cover all of Belfast?

    We have installed the bins in high-footfall locations and if they prove successful at increasing recycling, we may expand them further across the city.

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