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Belfast in Bloom

Belfast in Bloom Competition 2021

Belfast in Bloom competition closed on 30 July 2021. There were award categories for individuals, community groups, allotments, and commercial displays. The competition for school gardens closed on 18 June. 

Award categories

The competition was open to individuals and groups.

Individual awards

There are individual categories awarded for north, south, east and west Belfast.

  • Best hanging basket
  • Best window box
  • Best front garden

Community awards

  • Best community street
  • Best community group
  • Best community garden

Allotment awards

  • Best individual allotment
  • Best allotment site

Commercial awards

  • Best hotel
  • Best public house
  • Best restaurant
  • Best commercial street
  • Best commercial premises

School awards

Four individual categories will be awarded for north, south, east and west Belfast schools.

  • Best kept school garden in north Belfast
  • Best kept school garden in south Belfast
  • Best kept school garden in east Belfast
  • Best kept school garden in west Belfast

Judging competition entries

We will judge entries during August. For more information about the competition, contact us by

Belfast in Bloom Competition 2019 winners

Our Belfast in Bloom competition was open to individuals, groups and commercial premises. We added 'best kept school garden' prizes to the competition with awards to schools in north, south, east and west Belfast.

Award winners

Individual category

  • Best front garden east Belfast: Rita Weir
  • Best front garden west Belfast: Patricia McDermott
  • Best front garden north Belfast: Matt McCarthy
  • Runner up:  Liam Friel
  • Best front garden south Belfast: Ken Orr
  • Runner up:  Thomas Graham
  • Best hanging basket east Belfast: Glen Davidson
  • Runner up: Maureen Lennon
  • Best hanging basket west Belfast: Ivan McAllister
  • Best hanging basket north Belfast: Matt McCarthy
  • Runner up: Mr J D McCall
  • Best hanging basket south Belfast: Arthur Bowman
  • Runner up: Rodger Montgomery
  • Best window box east Belfast: Christine Mackey
  • Runner up:  Heather Johnston
  • Best window box west Belfast: Philip Adams
  • Best window box north Belfast - Beth McGrath
  • Best window box south Belfast: Fionnula Maguire
  • Runner up: William Rennie

Allotment category

  • Best allotment site: Blythefield allotments
  • Runner up: Belvoir allotments

Commercial category

  • Best hotel: Europa Hotel
  • Best public house: Duke of York
  • Runner up:  The Harp Bar
  • Best restaurant - Granny Annies
  • Runner up:  Biddy Farrelly’s
  • Best commercial premises - Memento Floral Design
  • Runner up: The Dark Horse

Schools category

  • Best kept school garden in east Belfast: Strandtown Primary School
  • Best kept school garden in west Belfast: St Oliver Plunkett Primary School

Community category

  • Best Community Achiever Award: Marie McKee
  • Best community group: Belvoir
  • Best community garden: Musgrave
  • Runner up: The Secret Garden

Best Overall Achiever Award

  • Ardoyne Community Association (Oasis project)

The Isobel Bennett Award

  • Matt McCarthy

Belfast in Bloom 2018 gallery

To see the gallery on Flickr, go to Belfast in Bloom


Belfast in Bloom

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