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Belfast in Bloom

Belfast in Bloom Competition 2022

Our Belfast in Bloom 2022 competition is closed. There were award categories for individuals, community groups, allotments, commercial displays and school gardens. We announced award winners for all categories in October.

Award categories

The competition was open to individuals and groups.

Individual awards

There were individual categories for north, south, east and west Belfast.

  • Best hanging basket
  • Best window box
  • Best front garden

Community awards

  • Best community street
  • Best community group
  • Best community garden

Allotment awards

  • Best individual allotment
  • Best allotment site

Commercial awards

  • Best hotel
  • Best public house
  • Best restaurant
  • Best commercial street
  • Best commercial premises

School awards

The schools competition closed on Friday 24 June. 

Belfast in Bloom Competition Winners 2022

Belfast in Bloom competition closed on 29 July 2022. We judged entries in August and announced award winners in October.

Belfast in Bloom Awards 2022

Best Hanging Basket

Best Front Garden

Best Window Box

Best Community Garden

Best Allotment Site

Commercial awards

Best Kept School Garden

Belfast in Bloom

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