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Belfast Tree Strategy

  • Belfast Tree Strategy

    We have produced a Tree Strategy to help manage and improve the tree-scape in the city, to provide a resilient and diverse urban forest for future generations.

    The plan will have a 10-year lifespan and sets out a commitment to delivering key priorities and actions over the next three years.

  • About the strategy

    Our Tree Strategy was agreed by elected members in October 2023, following input from the public and a wide range of stakeholders.

    It draws on existing programmes such as Belfast One Million Trees, the Belfast Local Development Plan, and the Belfast Agenda. It clearly links tree planting and management with Belfast’s climate ambitions and the benefits that trees provide to health and wellbeing.

    There are 37 targets, priorities and actions laid out in the draft Tree Strategy document and they are built around three key themes. They are:

    1. Trees and Forest Structure
    2. Community Framework
    3. Sustainable Resource Management Approach

    View our Tree Strategy

  • Supporting information

    We have more information about our Tree Strategy. 

    Belfast Tree Strategy Equality Screening

    We have a statutory duty to screen. This includes our strategies, plans, policies, legislative developments; and new ways of working such as the introduction, change or end of an existing service, grant funding arrangement or facility. This Equality Screening document considers the likely equality impacts of decisions on different groups of customers, service users, staff and visitors.    

    View Equality Screening document

    Rural Needs Impact Assessment (RNIA) Tree Strategy

    This Rural Needs Assessment considers the potential impact of a policy or service on rural communities.

    View Rural Needs Impact Assessment document

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