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Parks and open spaces

Playgrounds in Belfast

  • Children's playgrounds

    We manage 101 children's playgrounds in Belfast. There are playgrounds in:

    • north Belfast
    • south Belfast
    • east Belfast
    • west Belfast
  • Playground closures updated on 24 May 2023

    Areema play area will close from 10 May 2023, this play area is closed for refurbishment as part of our Playground Improvement Scheme. The play area will be closed until late June.

    Poleglass playground is closed due to electrical maintenance works in the area.

    These playgrounds are closed for repairs.

    • Whiterock playground
    • Belmont playground
    • Clara Street playground
    • Flora Street playground
    • New Lodge playground
    • Tommy Patton playground
  • Our playgrounds


Improvements to playgrounds

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