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Parks and open spaces

Playgrounds in Belfast

  • Playground closures updated on 20 May 2022

    These playgrounds are closed for repairs:

    • Cavehill Adventure playground
    • Eversleigh playground 
    • Finvoy Street playground
    • Flora Street playground
    • Horn Drive playground
    • Alderman Tommy Patton playground
  • Coronavirus update

    Our playgrounds are open. We deep clean each playground every day. We have adapted our playgrounds to comply with social distancing guidelines. For people using our playgrounds and facilities, you should follow social distancing rules.

  • Children's playgrounds

    We manage 101 children's playgrounds in Belfast. There are playgrounds in:

    • north Belfast
    • south Belfast
    • east Belfast
    • west Belfast
  • Our playgrounds


Improvements to playgrounds

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