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Castle area wheelie box trial

  • Collection arrangements

    We will collect your wheelie box on your normal collection day but you will need to sort your waste differently.

    We will also collect your green food waste bin every week on your normal collection day. Find your bin collection day.

  • What you can put into your wheelie boxes

    Top wheelie box Middle wheelie box Bottom wheelie box
    Paper and cardboard Cans
    Plastics (bottles,
    pots, tubs and trays)
    Tetra Pak
    Glass bottles and jars

    Food bin: Your green food bin will be emptied weekly. Please use your green food bin for all of your food waste.

    Textiles: You should put any textiles into tied plastic bag. You can put this bag into any of your wheelie boxes.

    Health and safety precautions

    Please take the following health and safety precautions during all collections:

    • Wash your hands before and after putting items in your wheelie box, and before and after leaving your wheelie box out and bringing it in.
    • Disinfect the handles before and after putting the wheelie box out for collection.
    • Put wipes, cloths and gloves used for cleaning into the general waste. If anyone in your house has symptoms of COVID-19, please avoid putting boxes out for 72 hours after the two-week self-isolation period. Do not put recycling out while you are self-isolating.
    • We will not empty the wheelie box if any box is found to contain tissues. Tissues are general waste and should be placed in your general waste bin. They cannot be recycled and should not be placed in your wheelie box at any time.
    • If anyone in your house has suspected or confirmed coronavirus, you should do the following before disposing of tissues or cleaning items such as wipes, cloths, gloves:
      • double-bag the items, tying the bags securely.
      • keep them separate from other waste for 72 hours, before putting them into your black waste bin for collection
  • Information helpline

    If you have any queries, please contact our helpline on 0800 032 8100 or email

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