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Recycling at home

  • Your recycling bins and boxes

    The type of bins or boxes you have for recycling varies, depending on which part of the city you live in – urban (usually recycling boxes or wheelie boxes), or suburban (usually blue or brown bins).

    You might have:

    • a blue and brown bin
    • a wheelie box with separate containers and a green food waste caddy
    • recycling boxes in various colours and a green food waste caddy.

    All households in Belfast have access to a black bin for disposing of any waste, which cannot be recycled.

  • What items can I recycle at home?

    You can use your bins and boxes to recycle different materials at home.

    Check what to put into your bins and boxes

  • Tips for recycling the right way

    To improve your recycling, follow these tips.

    Items we can’t recycle

    • Takeaway coffee cups
    • Nappies
    • Cling film
    • Bubble wrap
    • Plastic bags and mixed rubbish

    All these items need to go in your general waste (black) bin.

    Watch our video on back to basics recycling

    This video plays for one minute and five seconds.

    Other ways to recycle

    Things that can’t be recycled at home, can be recycled in other ways.

    Our recycling centres accept a wide range of everyday items, which are passed on for reuse or resale or sent on for recycling so their materials can be reused.

    These include small electrical items, white goods and hard plastics.

    Our amenity sites also accept a smaller range of items.

    If you can’t recycle glass in your recycling collection, you can take glass bottles and jars to bottle banks instead.

    Old clothes and other textiles can also be recycled at many of these sites too. You can also try swapping with friends, donating to charity stores or selling online too.

    We also run a wide range of recycling initiatives across Belfast, working with groups and organisations to recycle items like old laptops and spectacles.

  • How do I order the bins I need?

    If you don’t have any recycling bins or boxes, use our bin collection day form to find out what you should have.

    Then, order your bins or boxes online and we’ll deliver them to you, or call us on 028 9027 0230. You can also order a new lid for your recycling box.

    Recycling boxes and bins are free to residents.

    If you live in rented accommodation, you should contact your landlord first.

  • How do I check my collection day?

    You can check your collection day using our online form.

    You should leave your bins and boxes out at the agreed collection point by 7am on the day of collection.

  • What happens if I get it wrong?

    If in doubt, check it out. If you’re unsure, check out what goes in your bin and boxes.

    We can’t collect your recycling bin or box if you put the wrong materials in them.
    This is because it can contaminate the rest of our collection, so none of it can be recycled.

    When this happens, we will place a non-collection tag on your bin to say why it wasn’t collected.

    Please take the non-recyclable items out of your bin, dispose of them correctly and then put your recycling bin or box back out on your next collection date.

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