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Support for young people

  • About the programme

    We want to help the young people in our city to realise their potential and achieve their career goals. We have support programmes and we work with organisations to help young people get work experience, pass their GCSES and offer support to help them get into employment.

  • Support and mentoring to get a job

    We can help the young people in our city who need support to get the training and skills they need to get a job. With one to one mentoring our programme is designed to suit each persons needs.

    Programme Open to:
    Belfast Youth Support Programme Anyone aged 16 - 24 year olds, living in Belfast and who needs help or support to help them get a job.

    How to register

  • Preparing for the world of work

    For any Year 13 student interested in a career in Law, Accountancy or Business Studies, we are working with an organisation to deliver a week of work experience to give some understanding as to what a career would be like in these sectors.

    Programme Open to:
    Social Mobility Business Partnership Applicants will need to:
    • be in Year 13 (or equivalent). 
    • attend school in Belfast or live in Belfast. 
    • have 5 GCSEs Grades A-C including Maths and English. 
    • be entitled to free school meals. 
    • Or be the first generation in a family to go to University.

    How to apply

    Due to COVID-19, delivery of this week of work experience will not take place as planned. If you are in Year 13 (or equivalent) at present we are accepting applications and you will have the opportunity to apply and take part end June 2021. All applicants will also have access to a wide range of online coaching and virtual learning resources.

    If you experience any issues with this form or have any questions please email

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