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Events, photography and filming

Our parks and open spaces are available for:

  • events
  • wedding and civil partnership photography
  • commercial filming and photography

Organise an event in our parks

If you would like to organise an event in one of our parks or open spaces, contact us.

You can discuss your proposed event with us. We must receive all your completed event documentation at least 20 working days before the event taking place so that we can process your event request.

You need committee approval for events that:

  • will last for more than three days (including set up or take down periods)
  • will require the closure of the site or a proportion of the facility which will have an impact on regular users
  • will have alcohol on sale at the event
  • will have an admission charge
  • could be controversial

All documentation relating to this type of event must be submitted at least four months in advance to us.

We will advise you on which documents you will need to complete for your event, such as the 24 point event plan or small event action plan. You must also complete a risk assessment form and give us a copy of your public liability insurance for any events.

For events such as large scale concerts, music festivals and cultural events, if a request for an event is approved:

  • an agreement may need to be drawn up between the council and applicant
  • a bond of intent (deposit) will be paid to the council at the time of the provisional booking
  • full ground reinstatement costs will be met by the applicant and this will be subject to a bond that will be retained in the event of noncompliance
  • fee for the use of the facility

Entertainment licences will be required where you provide or want to provide entertainment at your event on a Belfast city Council-owned park or open space. The cost and type of licence depends on the entertainment provided and licences can be issued for both indoor and outdoor events. Conditions will vary depending on how often you provide entertainment and the nature of the premises/facility where it will take place.

Wedding and civil partnership photography in our parks

Take your wedding or civil partnership photographs in one of our parks. The fee is £23 for a two-hour slot.

You must get written permission to use any of our parks as a location for your photography. Please book well in advance to secure your date and location. A booking for Botanic Gardens does not include the Palm House. You may have your photos taken within the Tropical Ravine if you have already booked Botanic Gardens. The Tropical Ravine is open to members of the public and so this will not be an exclusive booking.

How to book your photography

To book your photography in one of our parks, you must contact us. You can do this by email or call us on 028 9032 0202 extension 4703 to check if the date you want is available.

If your date is available, we'll send you a booking form and request a payment of £23. You can pay by card or by cheque. You will need to agree to our terms and conditions which will be included with the booking form.
Once we receive your form and payment, we'll send you a letter of permission for your photography. You must bring the letter along on the day. Your booking isn't confirmed until you receive your permission letter.
You must bring the letter along on the day, as you’ll need to present the letter to a member of staff.

Commercial filming and photography

We have no objections to filming or commercial photography in our parks, if you obtain permission. Applications must be submitted in writing at least five working days in advance for filming or photography involving five people or fewer. This includes crew and subjects of the filming or photography.

Applications must be submitted in writing at least 20 working days in advance for filming or photography involving six people or more. This includes crew and subjects of the filming or photography. You must also complete a risk assessment form, provide us with a copy of your public liability insurance and a charge may be levied if the filming is for commercial purposes.

There are fees for commercial filming, television productions and photography. Exceptions for example news, news related current affairs or as part of an educational course will require prior agreement with Corporate Communications.

The following fees are valid until 31 March 2021.

Hourly cost 

TV productions, commercials and small films £65
Commercial photography £24
Palm House / Tropical Ravine £125
Radio recording  £30 

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