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African pygmy goat

Capra aegagrus hircus

African pygmy goats are a small domestic breed of goat that is very outgoing and social. This breed originates from Western Africa, in the Cameroon Valley.

Pygmy goats are great climbers and love to jump on rocks and logs. Despite their small size, they can produce large amounts of milk. However, they are not raised for meat or milk and are generally kept as pets.

African pygmy goats are social animals and live in herds. Male African pygmy goats are called billys, females are called nannys and babies are called kids. These goats are mainly black, white, grey and brown in colour and both sexes have horns but only the billy has a beard.

You can check out our African Pygmy goats located in our farm.

IUCN Status

The IUCN status of the African pygmy goat is least concern.

The IUCN status of the African pygmy goat is least concern.

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Animal class


Conservation status

The IUCN does not consider the African pygmy goat to be threatened yet.


Farmland - originates from Cameroon in West Africa.


It is unknown how many there around the world but they are a popular domestic breed.


Herbivore – eats leaves and plants. Occasionally eats fruit, vegetables and hay.