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Slither over to Belfast Zoo this St Patrick’s Day!

Date: 2 March 2022

Slither over to Belfast Zoo this St Patrick’s Day!

Brave little visitors can come see some of the snakes left behind by St Patrick inside our reptile and amphibian house! Lurking inside we have Cuban tree boa, Dumeril’s ground boa, Jamaican boa, Madagascar tree boa, mangrove snakes and royal python.

Once you’ve had your fill of snakes, don’t forget to look out for our popular sloth, Enrique, who shares his habitat in the reptile and amphibian house with our red-footed tortoises.

Kids can then burn off some energy by swinging their way across our large adventure playground.
The Ability Café at the Treetops tearoom will be serving up a range of hot and cold drinks, meals and snacks -plenty to ward off even the hungriest of bears!

Why not visit our photography basecamp for a special memento and pick up a perfect present in the Zoovenir Shop?

Normal admission prices apply. You must buy your tickets in advance.

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