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15 July 2024 - 16 August 2024

Explorers' Club summer 2024

Our Explorer’s Club is a week-long summer programme for children aged seven to 11.

7 July 2024 - 8 September 2024

Quiet hours at Belfast Zoo

Buy a ticket to visit the zoo during the quiet hour.

30 January 2024

François Langur family welcomes two new babies at Belfast Zoo

Belfast Zoo is overjoyed at the birth of two babies in our resident François’ Langur family group.

Conservation and history

History of the zoo

Learn about our history, when we opened, and recent developments.

The role of a modern zoo

Zoos were first created as private collections, or menageries but their aims and objectives have changed greatly.

Breeding programmes

Good zoos are more than simply a place to see animals. We play a vital role in the conservation of species at risk.

Supported conservation projects

More species are facing extinction than ever before. We have a responsibility to ensure their survival.

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