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Duméril’s ground boa

Acrantophis dumerili

This snake’s skin is a pattern of brown, tan and black which provides excellent camouflage when lying in the leaf litter of the forest. As an ambush hunter it uses this camouflage to wait for small animals to come close and then bursts out with amazing speed, seizes and then constricts the prey. This snake can measure up to 1.8 metres.

Unlike other snakes and reptiles that lay eggs, boas hold their eggs inside the body and the babies are born live.

IUCN Status

The IUCN status of the Duméril’s ground boa is least concern.

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  Fun fact These snakes are active during day and night

Animal class


Conservation status

Not yet threatened with extinction, however it is hunted for food and the ped trade and is at risk of deforestation.


Forest – found in forests of south western Madagascar




Carnivore – eats small mammals, birds and lizards

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