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Mossy frog

Theloderma corticale

This frog’s skin is green with dark stains and reddish bumps and spines which make the frog look like a clump of moss. It is an impressive form of camouflage. It will often sit on a rock submerged in water apart from its eyes. If it sits still, it is almost impossible to spot.

Like a ventriloquist, the mossy frog can throw its voice and make it sound like its call is coming from ten feet away from where the frog actually is. The average Mossy frog is 8 – 9 centimetres.

IUCN red list status

The IUCN status of the mossy frog is least concern.

The IUCN status of the mossy frog is least concern.

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Animal class


Conservation status

Not believed to be at risk of extinction, but threats include destruction of the rainforest in Tam Dao and the pet trade.


Rainforest – found in North Vietnam and Southern China


Wild population is currently unknown, but it is thought to be common in local areas.


Herbivore – mainly eats insects such as small crickets and cockroaches