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Daily talks and feeding times

You can watch animal feeding times at Belfast Zoo. Animal feeding times are listed in this table. We do our best to keep all feeding times as listed, but for animal care and operational reasons this may not always be possible. Feeding times may change with no prior notice.

Animal Feeding time
California sea lions (number 45 on zoo map) 10.45am 
Monkeys in Monkey house 11.45am
Western lowland gorillas (number 29 on zoo map) 12 noon 
Malayan sun bears (number 36 on zoo map) 12.15pm 
Andean bears (number 13 on zoo map) 2.30pm 
Meerkats (number 18 on zoo map) 2.30pm 
Visayan warty pigs (number 17a on zoo map) 3pm
Penguins (number 43 on zoo map) 4pm
Chimpanzees (number 26 on zoo map) 4.45pm
California sea lions (number 45 on zoo map) 4.45pm 

Daily talks are unavailable due to COVID-19 guidelines.

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