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Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), there are no public tours or functions in City Hall. The exhibition is closed.

City Hall

Use of City Hall

  • Coronavirus update

    In response to coronavirus (COVID-19), there are no public tours or functions in City Hall rooms. City Hall exhibition is closed. City Hall grounds are open. Please remember to follow social distancing advice.

    For any queries, call us on 028 9027 0281.

    The Registration Office is operating an appointment only service. Find out about registering births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships.

  • Booking a function room at City Hall

    City Hall has three functions rooms. You can book rooms for specific events through an application process.

    Functions allowed

    There are criteria for reviewing and approving events:

    • functions which support other events in the city and which are of demonstrable economic benefit to Belfast whether organised by the council or not
    • functions which demonstrably enhance the city’s image nationally or internationally as a desirable commercial, business or tourist destination
    • functions designed to celebrate or commemorate a notable achievement or significant anniversary (25, 50, 100 years) by an organisation or body with close links to the city or province
    • functions organised by recognised local community or voluntary sector groups for non-profit and non-political purposes

    Functions that are not allowed

    Fundraising events are not allowed through this booking process. Other functions that aren't allowed include:

    • conferences, meetings, wedding receptions, private parties or receptions and similar booking requests in the prestige function rooms
    • functions, which have as their principal purpose the generation of commercial gain for the organisers (charity-fundraising is managed by the Lord Mayor’s Office)
    • functions which have no compelling links to the council or the city specifically and which could instead use local private-sector facilities
    • functions which have as their primary purpose the advancement of any political or religious cause or campaign or are otherwise potentially contentious or involve significant reputation risks for the council.
    • functions which involve exceptionally large or disruptive set-ups or pose a real and tangible risk to the fabric of the building and/or its grounds.

    You should contact us to discuss your event. Email or call 028 9027 0281 before completing a booking form.

  • How to book

    To use one of our function rooms, you must complete a booking form. You can contact us by email or call 028 9027 0281 to ask for the function booking form.

    You may type or write your answers. If you fill in the form by hand please write your answers in block capital letters using black ink. Remember to sign and date the form before returning it. Please keep a copy of the booking form for your own records.

    Once we receive a completed form it is reviewed and presented for approval at the monthly Strategic Policy and Resources Committee and ratified at the monthly council meeting. You should allow at least eight weeks before your proposed event. 

    Committee date Application form deadline 
    Friday 23 October 2020  Friday 9 October 2020 
    Friday 20 November 2020  Friday 6 November 2020 
    Friday 18 December 2020  Friday 4 December 2020 
  • The Reception Room

    Envisaged by the architect as the first room you would enter receiving your first glass of champagne on the night of the ball – the Reception Room is the most intimate of all the function areas at City Hall. Used today for a variety of events of a smaller nature, the walls are adorned with prominent men of the City’s past and its central display is a variety of gifts given to previous Lord Mayors from ethic and religious communities living in Belfast.

    Seating style Capacity 
    Theatre 100
    Round dinner 80 (8 tables)
    Standing reception 120
  • The Banqueting Hall

    This middle sized function room was designed for banquets as the room’s name would suggest but today it can be used for a variety of events from public lecture to exhibition. Large portraits adorn the walls of former Lord Mayors of Belfast including Sir Edward Harland the famous ship builder and Viscount Pirrie who commissioned titanic and during construction of City Hall as Lord Mayor choose many of the finishes you see today. A large portrait can also be seen of his wife Margaret, the first Lady Mayoress to wear the stunning jewels which are still in our collection today.

    Seating style Capacity 
    Theatre  225
    Round dinner 150 (15 tables)
    Standing reception 250 
  • The Great Hall

    City Hall’s largest function room is the principal ballroom. This room was completely destroyed during the Belfast Blitz of 1941 but restored to its original design and former glory in 1951/52. The seven glorious stained glass windows that light the room are the originals as they had been removed previous to World War II. From Royal banquets to community events, the room has played host to every conceivable type of event over City Hall’s long history.

    Seating style Capacity
    Theatre 500
    Round dinner 400 (40 tables)
    Standing reception 500

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028 9027 0281

Belfast City Hall, Donegall Square, Belfast, BT1 5GS,

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